Tree Frogs

Tree frogs are amphibian animals that have a mainly arboreal existence. Many different species of tree frogs exist and they can be found on nearly every continent. Tree frogs tend to be very small and light, allowing them to walk along the branches and twigs in which they live.

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Tree Frogs

Where are spatulate-nose tree frogs found?

spatulate nosed tree forgs are found in central America in moist areas i think

Tree Frogs

How big are red eyed tree frog tadpoles?

Males range from 2 (5.08 centimetres) to 2½ inches (6.35 centimetres), while female range from 2½ (6.35 centimetres) to 3 inches (7.62 centimetres) on average.

Tree Frogs

Why do tree frogs camouflage?

So they can hide from predators and wont get eaten
they need to protect themselves from predators that might do something to harm them in any way.

hope i helped you. (:

Tree Frogs

What does the red eyed tree frog eat?

The Red Eyed Tree Frog eats flies, moths, smaller frogs, and crickets.

It eats meat it mostly eats insects and sometimes eats other small frogs

If you feed it crickets make sure they are gut loaded crickets
Red eye tree froges eat crickets and meal worms!!
well, its a carnivore ,yes,CARNIVORE! it eats other
The red eyed tree frog eats bugs and also smaller frogs.
Red eyed tree frogs mainly eat insects, snails, and slugs, but their favorite food would probably be moths. Larger frogs can eat larger prey, such as small lizards and small fish.
red eye tree frogs eat bees
They are carnivores (meat eaters) and will usually eat any small insect aslong as its alive and moving. They also eat invertebrates and other small frogs! ;) hope this helped!!
Like most frogs...they will eat fly's, moths grasshoppers, and possibly other small frogs. Crickets too
Crickets and bugs a red eyed tree frogs prey is a cricket, fly, fruit fly and smaller frogs
Insects of many types... they eat flys and bugs and stuff.

Tree Frogs

Do tree frogs eat flies?

Despite common belief frogs do not actually eat flies; they can't even catch them. The praying mantis is known for being the only animal in the world that is fast enough to catch flies. But how about I talk about mosquitoes? Frogs will eat Thousandsof those a year.

Tree Frogs

Are tree frogs carnivores?

yes, they eat insects.

insectivores are a type of carnivore

Tree Frogs

How high does a red eye frog jump?

12 cm up

Tree Frogs

What do Arizona tree frogs eat?

Arizona tree frogs have a diet consisting mainly of insects, including beetles, spiders, earthworms, flies and bark beetles, and sometimes small invertebrates. see attached link for more information.

Tree Frogs

Can tree frogs eat worms?


Tree Frogs

What is the life span of a green tree frog?

Generally at max 5 years of life. at min. 2 years of life.
2 to 5 years i have one my mom said i can get another one my first one is hoppy and my second one is star

3 months

Tree Frogs

How big are pacific tree frogs?

Roughly between the size of a golfball and baseball.

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Tree Frogs

Does it matter if you touch a NQ green tree frog with your hands?

The green tree frog is a non-venomous amphibian. HOWEVER - Reptiles and amphibians are known to be carriers of salmonella - BUT - So long as you wash your hands (preferably with a mild disinfectant) after handling, you'll be fine.

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Tree Frogs

Do red eyed tree frogs adapt to climate change?


Tree Frogs

What are the predators of the Red Eyed Tree Frog?

Mostly snakes, carnivore mammals and birds. Their eggs are eaten by insects and snakes.

Their predators are also owls, bats, snakes, alligators. But their biggest predators are humans, because we are destroying their habitat.

The red eye tree frog has many predators. Some such as a snake, spiders, bats and birds. The frogs rely on camouflage to protect themselves from predators.

owls, snake, birds
birds, snakes, mamals, lizards, bats and other frogs hunt red eyed tree frogs
Bats, owls, snakes, tarantulas, toucans, and young alligators
The predators red eyed tree frogs have are snakes, bats, and large birds.
the enemies are bats,snakes,spiders and birds
usually bats and snakes and maybe a tarantula
Tree Frogs

Can tree frogs breathe under water?

no they can not no frog can breath underwater but they can hold their breath for a significant amount of time

Tree Frogs

How do you tell if a Gray Tree Frog is a boy or girl?

you know by the size of the eardrum,if the eardrum is bigger than the eye it a boy and if the eardrum is smaller its a girl.

Tree Frogs

Are green tree frogs dangerous?

No they are not dangerous but the red ones are.

Tree Frogs

How do green tree frogs move?

They use their suction cup like toe pads to climb up steep surfaces and leap from plant to plant as well as crawl.

Tree Frogs

Where do green tree frogs sleep?

they sleep in Rainforests or mangroves.

Tree Frogs

What are the adaptations of the red eyed tree frog?

red eyed tree frogs have sticky padding at the ends of their toes so they can stick to the limbs of trees
it has a long narrow body,orange stickey fingers, and a green couvering thanks
it has sticky pads on its feet to help climb rain forest trees

closes it eyes when sleep so it wont be noticed by birds on a leave but it will blend in.
the adaptations that has are that they could climb trees and find food

they have sticky pads on its feet to climb trees on which it lives

Tree Frogs

Where would you look for a lost tree frog?


There are some places you could look. Tree frogs do like to climb up in trees, so that's one idea for a place to search. Pot plants are another place to look. In the breeding season they will hide in damp places near ponds, or in clumps of damp grass, or any other places there is water lying around. It's quite likely that she is having a wonderful time!

or you could find them in tree`s i know the other answer says it lol

Tree Frogs

How does green tree frog camouflage itself?

Tree Frogs

What kind of insects do green tree frogs eat?

Crickets, mealworms, wax worms as treats, and some night crawlers. They also will eat some vegetables as mine did.

Tree Frogs

Where does the red eyed tree frog live?

The red eyed tree frog is native to the Amazon rain forest only.

Red-eyed tree frogs can be found clinging to branches, tree trunks and even underneath tree leaves.

They live in Central America and of coarse.. in trees. Red Eyed Tree Frogs live in South Mexico to Eastern Panama.

Or some of them live in Australia

Tree Frogs

Why would the stomach of a green tree frog expand?

If you mean abnormal, as in bloated, puffy, looking unwell, there are many causes and you should take it to a vet.

Frogs are animals that have to survive extreme circumstances, like lack of food. Therefore they are very voracious eaters when enough food is available. They can eat a large amount of prey-items or eat relatively big prey. In order to do this, they need an expandable stomach.


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