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Can you plant irises from seeds?

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No, an Iris is grown from a bulb not a seed. They will grow very fast since bulbs do not require he germination period that seed type of plants need.

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What has the author William Rickatson Dykes written?

William Rickatson Dykes has written: 'A handbook of garden irises' -- subject(s): Irises (Plant), Irises (Plants) 'Irises' -- subject(s): Iris (Plant), Irish

How do you plant an iris flower?

It's best to plant irises in the spring, but they can be transplanted in the fall. The rhizome (brown part with roots on it) should not be completely covered or the irises will not bloom. They like plenty of sunshine and shouldn't be in a place that doesn't drain well or the rhizomes will rot.

What has the author Harry Randall written?

Harry Randall has written: 'Irises' -- subject(s): Irises (Plant), Varieties 'Growing Chrysanthemums'

Is it okay to plant Irises in April?

That depends on where you live. I live in Tennessee and also lived in Iowa and have planted and transplanted Irises in April and also in Fall. Just don't plant when it is real hot and dry.

What has the author Walter Stager written?

Walter Stager has written: 'Tall bearded iris (fleur-de-lis) a flower of songs' -- subject(s): Irises (Plant), Irises (Plants), Iris (Plant)

What has the author Virginia Van Buren written?

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Is a dutch iris plant a perennial?

Dutch iris and all irises are perennials.

What type of root does an Iris plant have?

Most irises have rhizomes but some have bulbs.

How do I plant irises?

Plant iris in mid- to late summer. Bearded irises have rhizomes (fleshy roots) that should be partially exposed, or thinly covered with soil in hot climates.

How does a tomato plant reproduce?

A tomato plant reproduces with seeds. The fruit of the plant is filled with these seeds, and when the fruit falls to the ground the seeds will grow. People also harvest and plant these seeds.

Do fish have irises?

No,they do not have irises.

Does the plant iris grow wild?

Yes, apart from garden varieties, there are wild irises.

How do balsam plant reproduce?

balsam plant reproduce by seeds

'Irises' is a painting by which artist?

Vincent van Gogh painted 'Irises'

How do you get seeds?

You get seeds from a tree or plant.

How do plants make seeds?

when you grow a plant such as a vegetable when you plant it not only your planting seeds but in some seeds there's extra seeds in it which is smaller then the seed so as it grows the extra seeds get inside of the plant.

Are seeds made in the flower of a plant?

Yes, seeds are made in the flower of a plant.

How seeds are moved away from the adult plant?

By dispersal of fruits and seeds of that plant

Where are the seeds in a pea plant?

The peas are the seeds of the pea plant. They are inside pods.

How does Canada plant their seeds?

They plant their seeds like any other country.

What part of a plant makes the seeds?

part of a plant makes the seeds.

Do irises stay bloomed through the summer?

Most Irises only bloom during their period; usually early summer. As Irises are perennials, they won't be in bloom all season. You could plant different varieties around your Iris to keep the area in color all season.

Are irises hard to grow?

Irises are one of the easiest flowers to grow. Plant them and other than watering if it is very dry, you need do nothing to them until it is time to divide the plants in about three years.

Male weed plant will you get male or female seeds?

I do have to point out that the male plant doesn't produce seeds. It pollinates, which is what ultimately makes the female plant produce seeds. you would need a female plant to get any seeds at all.

What has the author Norman Leslie Cave written?

Norman Leslie Cave has written: 'The iris' -- subject(s): Irises (Plant), Iris (Plant)