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Can you plant moshlings in plants on moshi monsters?


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No, you can not plant Moshlings in plants on Moshi Monsters.

You plant seeds and, if you have the correct seed combination, the plants that grow will attract a Moshling.

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a daisy is a seed that you plant in moshi monsters to get moshlings. you have to be a moshi member to get it.

it is impossible! you can not do such thing! you only plant plants for moshlings or you got one off moshi mag ect. buy a teddy out of a moshi shop

No. To get moshlings, You have to plant the right sequence of plants in your garden.

You can't get an overgrown plant like in real life. You can get moshlings with plants on moshi monsters in your can get many moshlings with the plants.Many monsters have over 20 moshlings in their zoo.You get the zoo when you're a moshi member.Moshi monsters is the best website I have ever played on the computer.Add me as you friend on moshi monsters I'm rosebud6020

On Moshi Monsters, the only way to get moshlings by using plants is to plant seeds. If you are a paid Moshi Member, you can also get moshlings by completing Super Moshi Missions or by hatching eggs that are found on Main Street.

There are no "un-rare" moshlings on Moshi Monsters. The moshlings are rated Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra-Rare.

To get Moshi Monster Moshlings, go to the Moshling Garden on the map. Then, plant combinations that would attract Moshlings.

No, there is no store which sells Moshlings in the Moshi Monsters game. You buy seeds to plant to catch moshlings or you complete Super Moshi Missions to get Moshlings.

This is a type of seed that you can plant to attract Moshlings.

There's no farm, but they do have a moshling garden where you plant flowers to get moshlings, but there are certain patterns you have to plant to get moshlings, and a certain amount of moshlings you can have.

Plant the Correct Flowers, Do this 3 times.

They are seeds, if you plant them they (with other seeds) grow into moshlings.

Moshlings you can plant flowers to catch them in your garden.

You can't. The moshi monsters owners make the moshlings and you have to get a combination of three seeds and plant them to see which one you get.

For most of the moshlings, you need to buy seeds to plant in your Moshling Garden. The seeds grow and attract moshlings to your garden. See Related Questions for a link to a complete list of moshlings and the method for attracting them.

If you mean moshlings you plant seeds in your Moshling Garden. If you have a free membership, there are only certain moshlings you can get on Moshi Monsters. If you mean monsters, you can only have one monster on your account, the monster you chose when you signed up for your Moshi Monster account.

You can not get two moshlings at the same time on Moshi Monsters. You can only plant three seeds at one time and those seeds will only attract one moshling.

well you have to buy seeds and plant them and they will ramdomly come

There is a plant called Dragon Fruit on Moshi Monsters. However, a Purple Dragon Fruit is not needed to attract any moshlings so it is probably not available.

On Moshi Monsters, you can get a free Basic membership but with a Basic membership, the only way to get Moshlings is by planting seeds. In order to get moshlings without having to plant seeds, you have to be a paid Moshi Member and complete Super Moshi missions. Moshlings are awarded once a Super Moshi mission has been completed.

In the Moshi Monsters game, you can not get moshlings in the stores. You plant seeds in your moshling garden to attract moshlings or, if you are a paid member, you complete Super Moshi Missions to get a moshling.

To get Purdy#020: You have to plant Dragon Fruit, Moon Orchid, Dragon Fruit in that order and you will get Purdy#020 in 6-7 hours but you won't get her if there is rox flowers Add me sweet-fat67 on moshi monsters and i know how to get all the moshlings

you get snookums the Dino if you plant three star blossoms

to attract moshlings but you need the right combination

You can't change the colour of any plant you plant on moshi monsters, you have to wait for them to grow to see what colour they are.

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