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Can you play Game Boy advance games on the ds LITE?


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Yes, you can play Gameboy Advance games on the Nintendo DS Lite, since the DS Lite is just an updated version of the Oringinal Nintendo DS which it can play Gameboy Advance Games.

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No but you can play Gameboy Advance games on a original Nintendo DS and a Nintendo DS Lite.

I have DS lite and i can play on Game boy advance games but not Game boy colour games.However if you have a DSI or a DSXL or a 3DS you can not.

No, the 2DS is not compatible with Game Boy Advance games. The latest console that you can play Game Boy Advance games on is the DS Lite.

Yes, the DS and DS lite can play GameBoy Advanced games.

on the bottom of your ds lite there is an slot (there should be a cover on it).take the cover off and put your gameboy advance game in the slot

There are no 'SP' specific games, all Gameboy Advance games are the same, and yes, they will work in a DS Lite, that is the whole point of Slot-2, to play GBA games.

You can play any normal Nintendo DS games on a DS Lite but they do not make separate games for the DS Lite. The DS Lite can also play any Game Boy Advance (not colour or original) game but the game protrudes from the DS Lite which makes it look slightly stupid.

Mo. The original DS and DS lite supports Advance games. Advance supports all Gameboy games.

No. The second slot on the DS and DS Lite will only play Game Boy Advance games. It will not play games made for the Game Boy or Game Boy Color.

Sorry but no you can't its virtually impossible. Here are the following systems that can play Game Boy Advance Games: Game Boy Advance $24.99 at GameStop Game Boy Advance SP $49.99 at GameStop Nintendo DS $79.99 at GameStop Nintendo DS Lite $89.99 at GameStop these are preowned DS LITE will come new for $129.99

On the Original Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS lite, you can play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. But on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL, there is no Game Boy or Game Boy Advance slot.

Of Course! A Gameboy Advance-Sp can Play Original Gameboy games, Gameboy color games, and Gameboyadvance games. Yet Both the Nintendo ds and lite cannot play gameboy games, only the Gameboy advance games

No, the games are very different, but it can work the other way around. A Game Boy Advance (GBA) game fits in the Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, Nintendo DS, and DS Lite, meaning the DS can play GBA games.

No, you can't play GBA games on DSi, only DS and DS Lite.

nintendo DS or nintendo DS lite can play Game Boy,Game Boy Color and Game boy Advance games but the nintendo DSi cannot play any of them becuase it has no slot-2

On the Nintendo DS and DS Lite you can only play Game Boy Advance game in in single player only. Game Boy and Game Boy Color game are not compatible.

On the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Advance SP you can play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and, Game Boy Advance games.

Yes, you can play Gb original games on the ds lite

No, a 2DS game is the same as a 3DS game and the DS lite cannot play them.

Yes, the regular DS and the DS lite can play GBA games.

No....the dsi's are just improved from the ds lite...........the only thing different is that the dsi cannot play gameboy or gameboy advance games.

No Nintendo Game Boy Advance games may only be played on the following devices: Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Game Boy Advance SP Mark II GameCube Game Boy Player Game Boy Micro Original DS DS Lite Original Game Boys can only play games that are labled Nintendo GAME BOY (Grey)

yes because on your ds lite there is slot1 and slot2. you need to put the gameboy game in slot 2 which is near the bottom of the ds lite,then pull the plastic thing out and insert your game. when you then turn the ds on , the game should play on the bottom screen.p.s does anyone know how to play a ds game on a ds lite if so please reply. and by the way I'm only 10 .

No, the XL does not have a slot-2, which is the GBA slot on a regular DS or a lite.

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