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Pokemon Crater was shut down in 2007. You can no longer play it online.

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How do you play pokemon crater?

Pokemon Crater has been shut down. You can no longer play it online.

Where Can you play Pokemon crater?

You can no longer play Pokemon Crater. The creator of the site has shut it down.

Why cant you play Pokemon crater?

The fan-game Pokemon Crater was closed down on December 2007 which makes it unplayable. However it was revived as Pokemon Vortex in 2009 which is currently still active.

Why can you play Pokemon crater?

You can no longer play Pokemon Crater. The creator of the site has shut it down on December of 2007.

Can you buy Pokemon games online?

You can play Pokemon Crater just type "Pokemon crater" in Google

Can you play Pokemon crater on a dsi?


When will Pokemon crater be running again?

In 2009.

It is about Pokemon crater why cant you get in and play Pokemon crater?

They shut Pokemon crater down. It took me along time to realize what happen and I know a website that is almost the same to Pokemon crater it's called

Can you play any version of Pokemon online besides Pokemon crater?

If you like crater, it is back, along with indigo

Why did they close down Pokemon crater?

Because Mr.Hobo has a job now so he cant play Pokemon crater.

Why can't you play Pokemon crater v8?

What iv'e heard is that the system for Pokemon crater has shut down or maybe the server crashed.

Where can you find Pokemon crater?

Pokemon Crater is a fanmade online website game based on Pokemon. It was however shut down in 2007 though has returned in 2009 renamed as Pokemon Vortex.

When will Pokemon crater v7 come so you can play it im really busting to play you love that game it the best?

There is a new Pokemon crater (beta 0.1) But it is a bit stuffed

Can you make a Pokemon crater v8 but a lot better?

forget that aaron is opening a new crater on april4 2009

Where can you play Pokemon games online?

Pokemon crater, moon, and indigo are online Pokemon games.

On Pokemon crater if you wer doing cheats wer would you do them?

Pokemon crater doesn't have any cheats, because not enough people play it.

Where can you find pokemononlinegames now that Pokemon crater is gone?

Pokemon crater is back! go to and you need to down load zango go play

What other Pokemon crater game works other than Pokemon crater x?

Pokemon indigo and Pokemon crater

How do you catch Pokemon on Pokemon crater?

Pokemon crater no longer exists

Can you play Pokemon games besides indigo crater BLACK TPPC?

you can play Pokemon lake its a bit different to Pokemon indigo but still its fun

Where can you play online Pokemon games like Pokemon crater?

It is sad the Pokemon Crater has been shut down...But we still have a ray of hope! TPPC RPG game is a lot like Pokemon Crater. The link is in related links, but if you can't find it, here it is! -

Where do play Pokemon games online without downloding or regeristing for free apart from Pokemon crater?

Why cant you play Pokemon crater v7 anymore?

Pokemon Crater v7 was shut down December 1, 2007 because the owner was going to college and couldn't handle managing the website. The manager posted it on Pokemon Crater v7 about a month before it was shutdown, but there is a new one created by someone else called Pokemon Crater {Beta 0.1}

Where Pokemon crater is?

i found a new Pokemon crater

Where do you catch a Pikachu in Pokemon crater?

Pokemon crater is now closed