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Q: Can you play Rugrats the search for reptar on playstation 3?
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How do you play rugrats search for reptar?

You have to buy the game and it should have instructions if it doesn't press random buttons till you figure it out or just look it up on line this answer is wrong you click where you think reptar is or look on the box

Where do i get free sofware to play PlayStation games on your laptop?

Search for a playstation emulator on google. However, if you don't own a playstation system it is illegal to download.

How do you search for an existing game on the PlayStation 3 online gaming network?

You must have a game disc or a game download to play a game on the Playstation Network. You can search for games at the Playstation Store, but I don't think that is what you are asking

How do you play PlayStation one games on your PC?

you should buy or search a software that will enable your PC to read playstation 1 CD's

Can you play the rugrats adventure game online?

rugrats game is my favorite game can i play it please

What can PSP portables do?

it could play music play games with good graphics search the internet and go to the playstation store

Can you play a PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation?

No, but you can play PlayStation games on a PlayStation 2.

Can a PlayStation 1 play PlayStation 3 games?

You can not play PlayStation 3 games on a PlayStation 1, but you can play PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 3. All of the PlayStation consoles are backwards compatible.

Can I play a pal PlayStation game on you my NTSC PlayStation 2 console?

According to wikipedia and other sources on the internet, you cannot play PAL games on your NTSC playstation 2 console due to the fact that it is region locked. There are ways to play region locked games on your PlayStation 2 however. A simple search on Google should do the trick.

Can a person play playstation 2 games on playstation?

Yes a person can play playstation games on a playstation 2 .i have a playstation 2 and i can play ps 1 games on it.

Can you play PlayStation 4 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

You cannot play Playstation 4 games on a Playstation 4 console. You are also unable to play Playstation 3 games on the Playstation 4.

Did Haley Williams play chucky in Rugrats?

No, Chuckie in Rugrats was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh.

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