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On Warcraft 3 you cannot be the centaurs in the mission but you only can play as the centaurs in the custom map.

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2011-04-30 10:38:56
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Q: Can you play as the centaurs in Warcraft 3?
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Can you play dota without installing Warcraft 3?

You can't play dota without installing warcraft 3.

How do you play muliplayer on World of Warcraft 3?

There is no world of warcraft 3. There is world of warcraft, and warcraft 3. Unless you want to refer to Cataclysm. If so then no, you'd fail.

Is Warcraft online game?

Warcraft 2's expansion, Both Warcraft 3's and World of Warcraft are all online play. warcraft 2 and 3 use, while World of Warcraft is a paid subscription MMORPG

How do you play Pokemon orpg in warcraft 3?


Why cant you play a LAN game on Warcraft 3?

you can

Can you play as burning legion in warcraft 3?

Sadly, you can't

Can you play World of Warcraft on the PlayStation 3?

Not without outlandish modifications - World of Warcraft is a game for PC and Mac.

Is it possible to play warcraft 3 without downloading anything?

Unfortunately no.

How many people in the world play warcraft 3?

about 4 million

Is it possible to play as Antonidas in Warcraft 3?

You cannot be him but you can battle him in the Undead campaign.

Do you have to pay for Warcraft 3?

You do not have to pay to play the game, you just have to pay for the disc.

Where do you get Warcraft 3 units?

This is a very broad question, much like saying "what is a human". Depending on the map, who created it and what it was intended for, there can be infinite answers to this, but looking at it as a strategy game (Warcraft 3 Default Maps and Units), you may train units at the various buildings in Warcraft 3. Sources: I play Warcraft 3 a LOT. :)

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