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The only way to do that is with a TV tuner card. Standard Video cards do not have inputs only outputs. also i would like to add that, even with a tv tuner it is really hard to play console games such as ps2 or xbox, because most of the games run to slow, so like if your playing wwe sdvraw2006 and you do a kick about 8 seconds later you will see you kick.. just a addition ..................... joe (

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Q: Can you play console games through Windows Media Center 2005 if there are audio and video jacks on the computer but there does not seem to be a way to change the channel to something like video 1?
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What windows utility can be used to build your own customized windows console?

Microsoft Management Console

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A technician has a computer that is unable to boot Windows XP properly The technician has decided that it is necessary to attempt a repair of XP Which utility will be run if the technician selects R?

The Windows Recovery console:

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