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yes you can!!!! You can play 1v1 unranked or 1v1 ranked or you can do 2v2 unranked (1v1) is 1 player online (2v2) is 2 player on each wii

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โˆ™ 2011-02-08 16:33:46
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Q: Can you play online in FIFA 11?
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Can you play fut on fifa 11 with out online?


Can you play fifa 11 ultimate team online?

u can only play it online

Can you play fifa 11 online on the ps2?

You can play online if you have a wired ethernet connection.

Why cant you play fifa 11 online on psp?


What is the minimum age to play fifa 11 online?


Can you play fifa 11 online on psp go?

no, you cant ,only ad hoc play

Can you play fifa 11 online free?

of course you cant i didnt play neither for a while

Do you need online to play fifa 11 ultimate team?

Yes unfortunatly

How can you play online matches in Fifa 11?

You cant play online in the demo and for the full game you have to have an xbox live or playstation network account to play

Can you play 2 player co-op online for FIFA 11 xbox 360?


Which is better PES 2011 or FIFA 11?

PES has better graphics, online, and so much better game play! If you play FIFA 11 for the past 2 weeks and you are already bored. Everybody should get PES 11. FIFA is not very good though.

Can you play FIFA 05 online?

No online fifa only just started in fifa 06 it says on the CD *new first online fifa* or something like that

Will FIFA 11 have a online record?


How old do you have to be to play fifa online?

How old fifa old name

How do you play FIFA 11 on computer without CD?

you can't play fifa 11 on your computer without or within cd

Can you play fifa 09 online on the ps2?


How do you get an online pass for FIFA 11?

The online pass for FIFA 11 is given on a card in the game box, however if you need a new pass they can be bought for $10 online.

Is FIFA 11 a good online game on the PS3?

Well fifa 11 is a very good game, so it should be a good online game

Can you play arena on fifa 11 ds?


Can you play fifa 11 on wii?


How do you play FIFA 12 online on wii?

There is no online for fifa 12 wii. rubbish i no. ea should be ashamed

How much does a fifa 11 online pass cost?


What team does neymar play for on fifa 11?


Will you be able to play FIFA 11 through Kinect?


Who did beckham play for in FIFA 11?

Ac milan