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Can you play sega CD on Saturn?


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No. Sega CD game disks can only be played on a Sega Mega Drive with a Sega CD unit attached.

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No, you cannot ! Directly from the Sega Saturn manual: "You cannot use Genesis, Sega CD, or Genesis 32X games or peripheral equipment with your Sega Saturn."

currently no but there should be an emulator eventually

From the Sega Saturn manual:"You can use an array of software on your Sega Saturn:Sega Saturn Game CDsCD+G (audio with graphics) discs8-centimeter audio CD singlesMusic CDs or audio CDsCD+EG (audio with extended graphics) discs"

You only play Dreamcast games like Sonic Adventure on your Sega Dreamcast instead of Sega Saturn.

Just put it in like a sega CD game.

== == == == The Dreamcast is not backwards compatible with earlier Sega game consoles, so it is not possible to play Sega CD games on a Dreamcast system. However, the Dreamcast's built in music CD player can probably play any audio CD tracks contained in a Sega CD game. Note that not all Sega CD games utilized CD audio tracks for music.

No You can't play Sonic CD on the Websites, You play Sonic CD on the Sega CD, Right?

No, a sega Saturn emulator is meant to play old classic sega Saturn games. Normally, you should be able to play DVD's and CD's on your computer without using an emulator.

Find an old Sega Saturn, place it on top of your Playstation, put the games in the Saturn and presto! You're playing Saturn games on your Playstation!

Well first off you will need BIOS from the CD. And also the sega Saturn is really bad for the psp. Just wait and they will release a new version.

I Play PSX Games on DS i use psemuds

No. Sega Genesis games can only be played on a Sega Genesis or Sega Nomad, and some other consoles with Genesis compatibility.

Sega Saturn was created in 1994.

Genesis, Saturn failed But Sega Saturn had 18X games in Japan.

Sega CD, and PC. Sonic CD is also on Sonic gems collection.

Yes you can play Sega Saturn games on your PC. Check out this blog I wrote on the subject, this will show you exactly how to get you favourite classics working on your PC. I hope this helps you. invisiblejohn

Sega Saturn Magazine ended in 1998.

Sega Saturn Magazine was created in 1994.

Hey I you want to play Sega Saturn games on your PC there are a few programs out there that make this possible, I have recently wrote a blog post on this subject, creating a tutorial to help people relive there classic Saturn games. Good luck invisiblejohn

He's owned by SEGA and the first game system he was ever on was the SEGA Genesis, in the early 1990's they used to be alot of Sonic games, his first game is called ''Sonic The Hedgehog'' later, they came out in sequels, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic CD (Get the SEGA CD add-on to play Sonic CD) In the future, he's been seen at, ''SEGA Saturn,Dreamcast,PS2,Wii, and the Xbox360

You use a sega saturn emulator by dragging the rom onto the emulator. From there you should be able to use it to play ISO games. I hope this helped you!

If one wished to play old Sega Saturn games on a computer, there are several emulators available online. Some examples include SSF, Yabause and Satourne.

No, the Sega Saturn has a small internal memory about 2MB

No, it can't natively, although you can use an Saturn emulator to play it on your Dreamcast. The issue is that the game play is immensely bad. It is probably due to their different architectures.

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