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i grade 8 at Flute, piccolo and bass flute... and i can beatbox on ALL of them :)


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No he did not play the flute.

The flute is not the easiest to play, but not the hardest.

Nope! It's the same fingerings as the flute, if you know how to play flute, you can play piccolo.

Two: Those who love to play flute and those who are forced to play flute.

who was the firs person to play the flute

you play the flute for cecbrus in hades lair

yes, i also play the flute in band i have to look up the flute history

there is no flute you have to play the flute recording on your radio

He used to play the flute but he now he doesn't.

Anyone who is willing to learn how to play the flute may learn. People who play the flute are called "Flutists".

yes Carrie Marie Underwood did play flute

yes i play the flute and i love it so give it a try

The flute can be used play a variety of music as long as the notes are correspondent. The flute is most commonly used to play classical music.

Yes, it was possible for Annie Oakley to play the flute.

The flute plays in treble clef.

You can't play a chord on a flute.

Nope. Justin Bieber does not play the flute. But he does play the drums, gutar, piano, and trumpet.

Me gusta tocar la flauta. = I like to play the flute.

learn to play the flute! There isn't much you can do with a drum in a flute ensemble!

To play this song on the flute, you will need to look up flute music sheets. These are available online.

The flute plays in the Treble Clef and is a C instrument.

You cant play chords on the flute.

You cannot play chords on the flute.

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