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The record label is: Grand Hustle Entertainment


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T.I. is currently under the Grand Hustle Entertainment record label...

what is TI record company? what is TI record company?

He makes roughly around $30 million a year with all the record label and his albums.

Ti record sales for paper trail.

Initially in the early to mid 2000's he was with BMF. A record company that was named after and financed by BMF = A.K.A Black Mafia Family (Gang/Drug Organization)

T.I.'s full rap name was T.I.P. & he got it from his grandfather as a child, he just shortened it to T.I. because at the time he was signed to a record label with an already established rapper named Q-TIP, so out of respect T.I.P. shortened his name to T.I.

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when t.i was first signed to laface records in 2000 he was known as tip. but due to a fellow label mate Q tip he shorten his name to t.i

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