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Q: Can you please have the notes in keyboard for Helena your chemical romance?
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Can i please have the notes in keyboard for Helena - my chemical romance?

sure just go to this site: you have to make an account though, sorry

What is the current live concert song list of your chemical romance?

It is called love me please!!! :))

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The date of what? Please be specific.

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help me please

What is the nickname of this chemical?

Please include chemical

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I don't know why it was added to the album but you guys being together rock so please reunite, or you can form a duet album.

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Ever heard of toradora

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Bellatrix Lestrange was played by Helena Bonham Carter.

What is the population for Montana's capital city?

Helena is the capital city of Montana; population 72,180.

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gold you can sell you keyboard for a good fortune and please do that i don't want to see any stupid questions like this anymore.

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please try to clear the connector of the keyboard and fix it correctly, it may solve the problem.

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I want you answer t please