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Can you plug in headphones into audio jacks on the side of your tv?


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If there is a 3.5mm jack socket on the television, it is almost certain to be a headphone output. Other connectors such as RCA (phono) connectors are not intended for headphone use.

It's always worth checking the manual first, just to be sure.

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Find the audio-out port on the back of your PC or side of your laptop (usually a green marker with a picture of headphones or sound waves), and plug in headphones or speakers. If you only have the white and red stereo cables, head over to a wal-mart and buy a "Y-Splitter" so that it will fit into the computer and plug your stereo cables into the splitter.

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A Dongle, or headphones, or a memory stick, or a USB stick. Hope it helped!

That is exactly right. There is a jack that looks like head phones on one side and the other side splits into left and right audio plugs. On the back of your tv there should be audio plugs that are associated to the hdmi plug. Plug in your audio here. Alternately you can plug your audio dirrectly into your stereo. Or go from your stereo, into your tv or vice versa.

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Regular computer peripheral inputs are Ethernet cables, USB (universal serial bus) ports and Auxiliary earphone/microphone jacks. For a laptop, it would have a input symbol for a power cable also. USB = a three pronged arrow-headed symbol Audio jack = Headphones Ethernet cable = three squares, 1 above 2 below

it depends if you are on a laptop or or a pc. on a laptop the plug is usualy in the front or side and has a picture of headphones on it. plug your cable from the speakers. in a pc (big computer) there is usualy a green hole at the back of the machine. hope this helped

There should be a headphone jack on either the side or back of the computer that you can plug the headphone cord into. It's green and has a symbol that looks like a horseshoe on it.

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