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Can you polish plastic chairs?

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Not certain if you mean, use polish on them - or polish out scratches.

Scratches can be polished out of all materials, if you use an abrasive and fine enough material to do the job. There are some specialist plastic polishing kits that use buffers and abrasives to do the job. Try googling for 'plastic polish'.

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What are chairs made out of?

Wooden chairs are made of wood! Where as plastic chairs are made of metal or steel and Plastic of course

What do you use to paint plastic garden chairs?

Rustoleum sells a spray paint especially for plastic chairs. In fact, there is a picture on the can of the chairs.

Which companies supply plastic chairs?

There are various companies that supply plastic chairs. One can find different types of plastic chairs by looking for event rental stores or companies.

How do you clean white plastic lawn chairs?

The white plastic lawn chairs can be cleaned with bleach and water. The chairs can also be cleaned with 409.

Does Walmart sell plastic chairs?

Wal-Mart does sell plastic chairs. The type of plastic chair Wal-Mart has to offer are heavy duty white plastic folding chairs that comes in a set of 4 for $59.

What is the raw material used in plastic chairs?

Plastic chairs are often made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Where can one purchase Plexus plastic polish?

One can purchase Plexus plastic polish online. Amazon sells Plexus plastic polish at a reduced price and Plexus Cleaner sells the plastic polish as well.

How can you polish your guitar plastic pickguard?

lots of elbow grease! seriously plastic polish...

Where can one buy plastic stacking chairs?

There are many places where one could buy some plastic stacking chairs. The best place to purchase plastic stacking chairs would be places like Amazon or Home Depot.

What types of patio furniture are there?

There are several types of patio furniture such as lawn chairs, wicker chairs, wicker tables, as well as plastic chairs and plastic tables as well. There are many varieties.

How are plastic chairs made?

I think plastic chairs are made with the right tools like wood covered in plastic or anything else but i can never be sure please try wikianswers for kids!

Does nail polish have plastic in it?

No it does not

What colors do plastic adirondack chairs come in?

"Plastic adirondack chairs come in many different colors, depending on the store you are purchasing the adirondack chairs from. Walmart, for example, sells adirondack chairs in a simple wood color, or in white or even pink."

Where can a person go to get bulks of plastic folding chairs?

The website Classroom Essentials Online is a wonderful place where one can purchase plastic folding chairs and plastic folding tables in bulk quantities.

Are there plastic adirondack chairs availabe for indoor and outdoor use?

"Sure, there are some plastic adirondack chairs available for both indoor and outdoor uses. You can search on amazon or ebay for some chairs for cheap prices."

Where can plastic folding chairs be bought from?

Plastic chairs can be bought at Walmart, Target, and even Lowes or The Home Depot. The prices range from around $60 to $120 at the highest, with most chairs being around $80.

Where can plastic stackable chairs be purchased?

Target sells plastic stackable chairs. Someone can also purchase these types of chairs at Walmart, Kmart or Walgreens. Amazon sells them too and can ship them right to the purchaser's door.

How do you protect plastic chairs from sun damage?


What online stores sell plastic chairs?

"You can buy plastic chairs in many online stores. The online stores include; Target, Walmart, HomeGardenDepot, Bizrate, Kartellstorela, and Plasticsource."

Where can I buy patio chairs at?

The Home Depot sells a wide variety of patio chairs. Whether you want plastic, metal, or wooden chairs home depot is the best place togo for well priced chairs.

How do you remove nail polish from a plastic surface?

It should come of with Nail Polish Remover.

Name of solids?

Plastic bottles, Jugs, Phones, Chairs,

What type of plastic are garden chairs made out of?

Poly (propene)

Where can you buy cheap plastic lawn chairs in Canada?

At Walmart.

What are 10 different everyday uses of plastics?

Plastic chairs, Plastic tables, Plastic rubberbands, Plasic cases, Plastic plates, Plastic cups, Plastic waterbottles, Plastic wings, Plastic bands, Plastic holders.

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