Can you poop outside

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes but only if your not embarassed easily

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I do not recommend it, but my brother has once. It was gross.

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Q: Can you poop outside
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Can nintendogs poop again inside?

no they can not they poop outside on walks

How do you make a dog pee and poop outside?

Move it's poop to the place where you want it to poop. Move it's poop to the place where you want it to poop.

How do you get chihuahua to poop outside?

kick it

Can you feel a poop from the outside of your body?


Do birds poop outside their cage?

Yes they do.

How would you evaporate water out of human poop?

you can by sticking it outside you can by sticking it outside

Can you poop on a tree?

Yes. But you might get caught, but you can go outside at night and do it. So you can remember you did it.

What does bird poop taste like?

Bird poop i smade of the sit they eat now dont go outside and try to fguir

How do we know what Brachiosaurus ate?

In their cooperlite (poop), it holds nutrition inside and green on the outside, which is leaves.

Do dogs poop in toilets?

No, They Do not do their bissinessin the toilet.they go outside to take care of their body disposal.

What is the dark brown thing hanging outside of your cats butt?

It is probably either poop or a tick.

Why does my cat have green poop if it does not go outside?

It is not because he doesn't go outside. drink it's pee,