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The short answer is, if you are a felon, you can't own a gun. It doesn't matter whether you pled guilty or were found guilty. Felony on your record = no guns.

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Georgia law says that if a person has been convicted of any violence, s/he cannot have or buy a gun

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Q: Can you posses a firearm if you have been convicted of domestic violence in Georgia?
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Can you still hunt if you have been charged with domestic violence?

If you have been charged but not convicted, it would depend on the terms of your bond. If you are convicted for domestic violence battery, you are prohibited from carrying a firearm.

Can I own a fire arm in Tennessee with a domestic violence charge on your police record?

No. A conviction of a crime of domestic violence prevents you from owning or possessing a firearm.

Can you hunt with a firearm in mi after being convicted of domestic violence?

Federal law plays a trump card here. Nobody who has been convicted of, or has a charge pending to, domestic violence - whether it be a misdemeanor or felony charge - may purchase, own, possess, or have access to a firearm.

Can you buy a firearm if convicted of domestic violence in the state in which you live?

You will need a lawyer for a legal, current and correct answer.

Can you still own a firearm after being convicted of simple assault?

Depends on who you assualted. If it was a crime of domestic violence, no.

Domestic violence aggravated assault with weapon?

Serious offense - if convicted, you can never again possess a firearm - what is your question?

Can a minor convicted of domestic violence purchase a firearm after they become an adult?

It can depend upon what state (or country) you reside in. You will have to research your own state's firearm laws.

Can you legally purchase a gun if you have a domestic violence charge that was dropped to a misdemeanor in the state of California?

Depends on the misdemeanor. If it involves domestic violence, then you cannot possess a firearm anywhere in the US.

Misdemeanour assault charge in AZ can you own a firearm?

depends on whether you are convicted of the charge, and who you assaulted. Persons convicted of Domestic Violence are prohibited under Federal law.

Can you buy a gun if you have been convicted of a assault against your wife?

Not in the US. A conviction of domestic violence is a bar to buying or possessing a firearm.

What is the penalty for possesing a firearm if convicted of domestic violence?

A Federal felony conviction, 5 yrs in a Federal prison, no parole, $10,000 fine.

Can you own a gun if convicted of domestic menacing?

In Canada police approval is required to purchase any type of firearm. Such a conviction would prevent police approval.Added: In the US - any conviction for Domestic Violence is a bar to firearm ownership.