Anorexia Nervosa

Can you prevent anorexia?



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Yes, you can take steps to prevent anorexia. Typically, anorexia is related to perception of self, and also to control issues. Anorexics often perceive themselves as unlikeable or unattractive, and frequently feel out of control in their lives. An example: Fashion models have been particularly susceptible to this disorder. Interviews with models show they often share a similar experience: their livelihood depends completely on someone else's perception of their physical appearance. One's physical appearance is very hard to "control", and someone else's perception of it is completely uncontrollable, so these ladies had a tendency to feel they had no control of their own survival -- a view that is not entirely without merit. Controlling your food intake is at least one method of grasping the reins. Anything you do to enhance a sense of self-worth, and even more, impart a sense of control of one's life will be likely to help.