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An Abstract of Title in Florida could be as little as $200, depending on what the title company or agent was willing to charge, however this would not provide you with any title insurance, only a report what was found on a title search of the property. Meanwhile, if you wanted title insurance you should compare several title insurance companies because they will be charging for the title search, closing fees and probably several other fees in addition to the actual title insurance policy. The Florida promulgated rate for an owners title insurance policy is $725.00 for a $130,000 house. Please remember you will be comparing more than just the policy rate, which may have some applicable credits depending on your situation. You may qualify for a reissue credit if you are refinancing, and you should get several quotes on an "out the door" price when comparing title insurance.

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Q: Can you provide an estimate for an Abstract of Title versus full Title Insurance for a 130000 dollar house in Florida?
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