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No, a persons wisdom teeth can not be pushed to the front.

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If the wisdom teeth are impacted on your top or bottom row of teeth, they could cause discomfort and push roots of other teeth together.

Depending on the circumstances for the wisdom teeth (reason for removal, location of the teeth prior to extraction, age of the patient when removed) could mean different things for the concern you are having. Recent extraction could sometimes have "bone spurs" working their way out almost causing a sliver in your finger effect. If the wisdom tooth was impacted and deteriated the bone behind the second molar, the bone "defect" could be present causing an area to possibly abscess around the back side or distal of the second molar. Sometimes the most logical explanation is that a popcorn hull or something foreign gets in the gum tissue behind the second molar causing an inflammatory response in the tissue. Recommend keeping the area clean, if a problem persists and it get more painful, see your dentist for a x-ray and evaluation.

Wisdom teeth should be extracted when they push and damage the 7th tooth while they grow, also when they develop a cyst or cause an infection, and wisdom teeth are removed if they're causing problems with prosthesis. Here's an interesting video about wisdom tooth extraction.

Teeth fall out randomly and there's no real pattern. Wisdom teeth are the last to grow but they do not push out any other teeth.

Your wisdom teeth push the others tighter together. Once removed your teeth will move back into the space created by the removal of the wisdom teeth. It can take some time, depending on how quickly your gums heal and how much room you have in your gums once they are removed.

Wisdom teeth get pulled out to prevent pain and discomfort. If the wisdom teeth don't have enough room in the back of your mouth and they grow in they will push your existing teeth out of the way and cause them to be mashed together. They can also grow in sideways, this is known as being 'impacted'. Sores can grow on your gums and become infected, leading to major problems down the road.

After your teeth are removed your gums are swollen because your teeth were removed.Because your gums are swollen they push up against you cheeks making them look swollen.

Wisdom teeth can definitely crowd your mouth and push on your other teeth, which may cause discomfort or even pain inside your mouth A few years ago I was told by a dentist that my wisdom teeth were not a problem and would not need to be pulled, but then a couple months ago I got a terrible toothache and thought it was a cavity. But my new dentist told me that it was just my wisdom teeth crowding my mouth and causing me pain. The pain in my mouth became increasingly worse by the week until I could get into my oral surgeon this past week to get my teeth out. If you're experiencing pain and your dentist recommends you get your wisdom teeth pulled, do it as soon as possible!!

Because sometimes you don't have enough room in your mouth for them. And sometimes, if they were allowed to grow in, they would push your other teeth out of the way and make them crooked.

Very much so!!! Your wisdon teeth are trying to push other teeth out of the way to come in. Have your wisdon teeth removed ASAP to save yourself alot of pain.

That depends on how big a person's mouth is, and what other teeth they have, but typically, they become impacted because there is no room for them in the mouth, and they can push your teeth out of place (kind of the reverse of braces), and they can also get infected and cause a lot of pain.

Wisdom teeth are one of those rare body parts that serve no purpose. They used to, however. Prehistoric man ate meats so tough they made beef jerky look like mashed potatoes. We no longer need the extra teeth to eat such foods, and our mouths have evolved to become smaller, and there is just no room for the extra teeth. If they weren't pulled they would push the other teeth out.

Yes, if they push the two together then you should get them extracted. Usualy people get them taken out because they push the other teeth together and make them crooked and cause them to loosen or fall out.

you lose your teeth because new teeth are growing in and the new teeth push the current teeth and you have brand new healthy shiny teeth!

Trigeminal (V) cranial nerveYou have a nerve that is inside the tooth. Anytime you have a toothache it is the nerve that is infection. Not all toothaches are due to infection.You can have pain due to the possibility of a cavity, gum disease, or even your wisdom teeth (the human mouth usually does not have room for wisdom teeth causing the to push against the teeth in front of them.Do not wait to long going to the dentist as it can get worse and can get very expensive.Hope this helps!

by brushing your teeth really hard or braces or possibly a retanor

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The second continental congress push in the 1775 did push for independence from the United Kingdom. The colonies wanted to be free.

Horses lose their deciduous or "baby" teeth. When horses are born they already have their secondary set of teeth underneath their "baby teeth" just as humans do. The permanent set of teeth will grow in and push the primary set of teeth out.

No, they trap their prey then push out their stomachs and digest their prey.

Many people simply don't have enough room in their mouth to accomodate the wisdom teeth. If they were to grow in, they would push and cramp the other teeth, causing pain and crooked teeth. There can be a variety of reasons why we have to have them pulled. My wife is actually going to have hers cut out soon is the only reason I know any of this. Some of the most common reasons are: Not enough room in your mouth to support 4 more teeth. They don't come all the way through the gumline and stay "impacted," cause jaw pain because this can throw your "bite" off As is my wife's case, the can come in on an angle, rather and straight up and down. This causes you to not be able to brush them well and you get a cavity in one or more of them. The amazing thing about this is (and I did not know this) cavities are contagious. If you get a cavity in your wisdom tooth, and you don't have it taken care of, it wil pass the cavity along to the molar it is next to. They can come in off center, which is what happened to me, meaning that every time you close your mouth, your teeth don't line up properly and you can't close your mouth all the way. Mine came in a little too far on the outside of my gums and caused me to almost chew a hole through my right cheek. There are some other reasons as well, but these are pretty common ones.

because they have like these escalators that push teeth forward when they loose a tooth so their not toothless in a section

The orthodontist uses tweezers to push the rubberband into your gums.

Yes. That is how your teeth get loose! yes, it can

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