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Yes, yes you can.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-02 12:45:51
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Q: Can you push two button in two player mode to be supersonic in Sonic Heroes?
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How do you get supersonic hack in sonic heroes?

hackk the files there is a tutorial on youtube

How do you turn on debug mode for Sonic Heroes for the GameCube?

to turn on sonic heroes debug is to press the L button+R button+dpad up

In Sonic heroes for PlayStation 2 can you use a Gameshark to play as supersonic in every level?

No,you can't

Is sonic heroes 2 player?

yes it is, didn't u see the button that says 2 play

Is Sonic Heroes a two player?


Can sonic beat super sonic if he did a sonic boom?

are you stupid? sonic IS supersonic...

Is Sonic heroes gameplay like Sonic heroes 2?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2

What is stronger dark spine sonic or dark supersonic?

dark supersonic

Can you be supersonic in sonic battle?

Comment avoir super sonic

Is there a sequel to Sonic Heroes?


What is supersonic sound waves?

That's a sonic boom. Sound waves are never supersonic in themselves, objects can be supersonic ... which causes a pressure wave (which moves at "sonic" speeds) and which can be heard (firing a gun will do it).

Is sonic heroes 2 out in japan?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2

Is there a Sonic Heroes 2?

Sonic Heroes does not have a sequel yet.

What is the sonic heroes theme song called?

"Sonic Heroes"

When will sonic heroes 2 be released?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2

What are Sonic Heroes 2 Stages?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2.

Will blaze the cat be in sonic heroes 2?

There is no sonic heroes 2.There's a sonic heroes zero gravity isn't there?

How does sonic become dark sonic?

Sonic can turn to dark SuperSonic because he has anger for his friends

How do you get supersonic on mltiplayer on Sonic the Hedgehog?

you cant

How can you be as fast as Sonic?

Fly a supersonic jet.

What is so special about sonic?

Sonic is a skilled fighter, and can run at supersonic speeds.

Is sonic heroes 2 a Playstation 3 game?

Sonic Heroes is a PS2 game and there is no game with the Sonic Heroes 2 title

Will Sonic heroes 2 be for the Nintendo Wii?

= there is no sonic heroes 2. =

Is there a chao garden in Sonic Heroes?

No, there is no chao garden in sonic heroes

What stations are sonic heroes 2 is going to be on?

There is no sonic heroes 2.