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Of course not

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โˆ™ 2011-03-29 13:37:57
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Q: Can you put a 2002 camaro hood on a 2002 Monte Carlo?
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Were is the paint number on 2002 Monte Carlo?

Look under the hood or under the trunk lid.

Where is outside temperature sensor on a 2006 Monte Carlo?

Where is hood open sensor on 2006 Monte Carlo

What Other cars with same hood as 1987 Monte Carlo?

possible 86 and 88 monte's.

Where is the Monte Carlo battery located?

The battery on the Monte Carlo is under the hood. It is under the washer fluid bottle, which has to be removed to reach the battery.

Where is the cooling fans relay switch located on a 02 Monte Carlo ss?

The cooling fan relay switch, on your 2002 Monte Carlo, is located on the back of the fan hub. You will need to open the engine compartment hood in order to see the relay switch.

What hood hinge interchanges with a 1976 Monte Carlo?

The 1973 through 1977 hood hinge is interchangeable with a 1976 Monte Carlo. Older hinges can be ordered from an auto parts store or purchased at a local junk yard.

Can a replacement hood from a 1995 Monte Carlo fit a 1999 Monte Carlo?

Yes, there is virtually no difference in the dimensions and installation hardware of body parts between 1995-1999 Chevy Monte Carlos.

Can a 2002 camaro hood fit on a 2004 impala?


Where is the horn relay on a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo?

under the hood ,behind the battery.

87 Monte Carlo ss hood release cable broken from release itself you need under the hood any ideas?

87 Monte Carloif 87 Monte Carlo has a cable type release clamp on a small pair of vice grips and pull hard.

How do you open the hood latch on a 1972 Monte Carlo?

on the front bumper, there is a small lever toy pull out which releases the hood.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 2002 Monte Carlo?

In all likelihood, in a relay box, under the hood. Failing that, it ought to be in the fuse panel, inside the car.

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