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saturns up to 1993 are the same and saturns 1994-2000 are the same they will work together

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Q: Can you put a 96 Saturn engine in a 94 Saturn?
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What Type of engine is on a 94 Saturn sw2?

I have a 96 SL2, but im prty sure that they are the same. You should have the: 1.9L DOHC

Is a 1995 Saturn PCM Computer compatible with a 1994 Saturn SL1?

I just did the engine in my 94 and wanted to do a 96 engine. The only computers that will be compatible in a 94 is a 91 0r 92.95 PCM Computer in a 94 Saturn S SeriesNo it is not compatible. The amount of teeth on the 94's timing wheel do not match what the PCM Computer is programmed for in the 95. It will run the engine, but it will always run lean and you will have a drastic reduction in horse power.

You took a 94 v6 35out of a vision and put it in a 96 intrepidit wont startany idea why?

Is it same engine? are all sensors plugged in? Is there spark? Is there fuel pressure? Are fuses good? Is there injector pulse? Did you use the sensors for the 96, did the engine run in the 94?

Can a 96 Saturn engine be put in to a 95 Saturn?

Yes, although there are some differences. The 96 is OBDII so you will have to keep the ignition and throttle body from the 95. The 95 also has two temp sensors where the 96 only has one so you will have to do a little splicing there.

Does a 96 Tahoe transmission fit a 94 suburban?

the 96 has a neutral safety switch on the side of the shift linkage, the 94 does not i know u cant put a 94 in a 96 but talk 2 a guy in forum

What is 94 plus 96?

94 + 96 = 190...

Can you replace a 96 Saturn engine with a 92 Saturn engine?


What is the average of 94 and 96?

It is: (94+96)/2 = 95

Are engine parts from a 94 Pontiac grand am compatible for the same on a 96 Chevy Corsica?

Not sure about the Corsica, but I know that there are unique differences in some of the parts between a 94 and 96 Grand Am. I was told by a salvage yard once, that the engine in a 96 Grand Am is different than that of any other Grand AM. To summarize, I was thinking of buying a used engine for my 96 and the salvage yard told me that the used engine would absolutely have to come out of another 96.

What is the octane rating of e-85?

Around 94-96Around 94-96

How much horsepower in a 96 caprice v8 5.7 engine?

I believe all 96 Caprice came with a lt1 engine. So if it the lt1, the stock hp would be 260. Same exact engine that is in the Impala SS for 94 95 96.

Where is the starter relay switch on a 96 Saturn SC2?

96 Saturn doesn't have a starter relay

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