Can you put a basement on a cob house?

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Yes, it is possible. It's likely that it will need to be constructed from concrete to ensure the basement is capable of supporting the heavy cob structures of the house.
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How can you put a bathroom in a basement if the septic tank is higher than the basement?

\n. \nThere are a few options of doing this. You can use a "Sani-plus" toilet which is a back outlet toilet that has an ejector pump in it. it is also equipped with 2 other waste connections on either side of the tank. This allows you to plumb in a lav. sink and a bathtub. You can also install ( Full Answer )

Why is the basement the hottest room in your house?

Answer . \nWell, unless you have a basement so deep it reaches to the fires of hell, I'd say you have a heating vent leak. Your money is being wasted heating the basement. \n. \nA few dollars in locating the HVAC leak and repairing it will save thousands later. Contact an HVAC repairman (Heating ( Full Answer )

What do you need to put in a sub floor in a basement?

The short answer: Hydrostatic pressure. The long answer: When the foundation of your home was dug, there was a gap between the outer foundation walls and the inner walls. This space was backfilled with soil, but the soil will always be fluffed up and lighter than the virgin soil around it. ( Full Answer )

Can putting in an inground pool cause a basement water problem?

Answer . Well, it could if ~ You install next to a foundation and you develop a leak in the pool. . The extra water being splashed from the pool into the ground may also be causing a problem. It may pay to put an agg drain between the pool and the cellar to handle the excess water

Why do more houses in the north than in the south have basements?

Answer . Because of the water line.the north is high above sea level than the south. While in a minority of cases the reason is because of the relatively high water table, in most cases it is simply a matter of cost. In the north, building codes require the foundation to be far below the frost l ( Full Answer )

What is 'COB'?

that's what holds the corn kernels When used in relation to health and dental insurance, COB means "Coordination of Benefits" between two or more insurance policies that cover the same person. COB is set by state law and licensed insurers and HMOs must follow that law in paying benefits. a cob is a ( Full Answer )

What kind of sub floor do you put in a concrete basement floor?

It would depend on the type of floor you are installing. There haven't been enough details about the project provided to answer this question thoroughly. If you are installing engineered hardwood just lay down a 3/4" piece of plywood and a moisture barrier. If you are installing a floating floor, ( Full Answer )

Why do people build houses without basements in California?

I believe there are several answers to this question: -There are many houses built in California with basements, just not many being built in the recent years. -California has relatively warm weather and the need to be underground to conserve energy is not a main concern to home owners. -California ( Full Answer )

Can you dig out a lower basement in a semi-detached house?

Yes. There are two ways to do it. The first is to "curb" - that is, to build out a concrete curb the same width as the depth you want to drop. Example: if you want to add 12 inches to your basement height, you then have to build a solid concrete curb that comes out from your wall 12 inches, then dr ( Full Answer )

How long after you blanch corn on the cob can you wait for it to cool before you put it in freezer bags?

Most people blanch it. Then, have ice & water in the sink and put the corn in it. This cools it off fast. You can freeze it right away. Otherwise it might take a half hour to cool. The reason for waiting isn't "for the corn to cool" (it wouldn't hurt the corn to go into the freezer while it's hot) i ( Full Answer )

What are the building codes for putting wood in a basement?

First - building codes vary according to region, state andsometimes city. However, using wood in basement finishing is not recommended. Notfor the framing, not for the subfloor or floor. Basements as any below grade structure are prone to moisture andwater accidents. Even a dry basement can develo ( Full Answer )

Why is the attic of the house always warmer than the basement?

first of all, the attic is closer to the sun. moreover, the atmospheric level is very low in the basement ( radiant heat barely reaches the basement) next, the higher the air gets the less oxygen there is in the air. so high air level is always warm also, the cold air is more dense and sinks, warm ( Full Answer )

Is there a bowling alley in the basement of the white house?

Bowling lanes were first built in the ground floor of the West Wing as a birthday gift for President Truman in 1947 (in the location of the present-day Situation Room ); Truman didn't care for bowling himself, but allowed staff to start a league. These were moved to the Old Executive Office Build ( Full Answer )

Where is your basement in a house?

The basement is the level in your house below ground level. To say it another way, you would be below the ground if you were in a basement.

You just bought a house and know the basement is flooded can you sue?

Anybody can sue anybody else at any time for anything. That said, the question is whether it will be worth your while to litigate and whether you can find an attorney willing to take your case. Does the flooded basement violate a contract stipulation? If you're still in the process of closing, it wo ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to build a basement after the house is built?

Yes. There are contractors that specialize in lifting entire houses using steel beams placed under the floor system. Assuming the terrain and drainage allows, your home can be lifted and moved off while a basement is doug and the concrete poured or block laid.

Do Tudor houses have basements?

Some do. I've looked inside a few Tudor houses, and most do not. But if you watch Ariana Grande's cambio home tour, it looks as if she lives in a Tudor house and it has a basement. The Tudor homes I've been to were located in the USA, but original Tudor homes are popular in England, so they may have ( Full Answer )

When did basements become part of houses?

Basements have always been part of a house. The same as upper floors and attics are. Some may not have either but they do not become a part of it, they are a part of it.

Where do you put light switches to control the light to your basement?

In any situation you want the switch located so you can have light before entering the space. With basements you might use what is called a 3-way switch with one at top and one at bottom of stairs. Think about how you are going to use the space. You wouldn't want to put a single switch at the top of ( Full Answer )

Why do you put corn on the cob in cold water?

It saves cooking time, and energy: Corn on the cob takes a long time to cook. It would take even longer if you boiled the water first, before adding in the corn on the cob.

Where are new zealands cob houses usually at?

If by cob, you mean the houses made of material variously called 'adobe', or 'mud brick' or 'rammed earth', then these styles of construction tend to be confined to areas where suitable materials are available, and where the climatic conditions are suited. For this technique of building, the local ( Full Answer )

Do Indianapolis houses have basements?

Indianapolis houses can be found with basements or without. They have bungalows and houses with two or more levels. There is something to please everyone in this real estate market.

Can two houses share one basement?

That would be very unusual, because normally, two houses would be owned by two different families who would not want to share a basement. But if you were designing a complex of buildings to be used by one owner, then you might want to have two buildings that are connected underground (making it poss ( Full Answer )

Can you put laminate flooring in your basement?

A conditional answer! PROBABLY Laminate is about the most forgiving and least cranky flooring around. Moisture is the issue for any flooring. A lot of the modern Laminate is approved for moist areas & BELOW GRADE uses. You don't think about it, but the pressure of the ground water pushes moisture t ( Full Answer )

How do you put stairs to your basement in Sims 3?

Well first you make a basement and then you put stairs in it where ever there is a space for example if you where trying to put stairs in your house to the basement you would have to have a huge amount of space and delete 6 squares of floor and but 2 stairs then in the basement you put the stairs wh ( Full Answer )

How much and what kind of insulation should be put in a basement ceiling?

thatwould depend on the purpose of the insulation sound or thermal? Assuming thermal the available height of the ceiling would dictate what you can achieve but 50-100mm Knauf brand would be a good average. However you may want a natural insulation or sound inslulation combined. You should fits co ( Full Answer )

Where is the basement located in most houses?

In most homes the basement is very common and can be found underneath the main floor. The basement relative to the ground is usually found underneath ground level.

How long does it take to put a bathroom in a basement?

There is no way to accurately answer this because it depends on somany factors. It depends where your water systems are and if you'llneed to extend them. It depends how large and what materials youuse. It depends on where the waste pipes are and if you need toextend them and so on. You'll have to a ( Full Answer )

What is a cob?

The official definition of the word cob is "the central,cylindrical, woody part of the corn ear to which the grains, orkernels, are attached."

How do you make cob houses?

"Cob" is a mixture of clay and straw used as a building material. To make a cob house you first make a wooden frame for the house anderect it on the foundations. The walls are then filled with wattle(a construction of poles intertwined with twigs, reeds, orbranches) and these are then daubed by hand ( Full Answer )