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No, you can't. Laptops have its own ports. If you want to upgrade your laptop video card, you need to make sure that your laptop has proper ports (mini PCI-E). And then get a video card which will fit that port.

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yes but too slow it also not run gamz require 128mb video memory

Hi, I believe the GeForce FX5200 is a 128MB DDR video card and its compatible with an AGP 8x interface. Since I have the same motherboard, P4VXASD2, I know for a fact that this motherboard does not support the AGP 8x interface, and on the contrary, the FX5200 is a AGP 8x card and I am pretty sure it is not backwards compatible with AGP 4x which in fact is supported by your motherboard. If you are looking for a video card in the same/lower price range, I would recommend you to buy the ATI Radeon 9200/9200SE/9250 because they support upto a max. of 8x and they are also backwards compatible with the AGP 4x. I hope that answers your question.

Yes, GeForce was a family of video cards released by NVidia. There were 4 GeForce families i think, each with their own ranges of models (GeForce 2 MX for example). Now NVidia uses notation similar to ATi's system.

I would suggest you go for the 2gb ram and 512mb vcard. It has more performance. 2gb can run Vista and windows 7, while 128mb vcard you'll have trouble on running on these current systems. 128mb vcard is not worth it for a 3gb RAM nowadays. unless its a ddr3 and supports cuda and other nvidia or ati stuff, which is impossible on today's tech. Also, if need be, you can upgrade the RAM from a 2GB to more. It's harder to upgrade a GPU, and more expensive as well.

You can download drivers for GeForce video cards for free from NVIDIA's support site.

XPS m1710 is a laptop, and it has a special kind of the video card, so called Go version. There is no Nvidia Go 9800 GTX available, and the card for a desktop will not fit your laptop.

first of all, bad grammar! Yes, geforce 256 mb supports pixel shader 2.0. I'm talking about nVidia Geforce g 105m video card

Lets say that first 5 would be: GeForce GTX 285M GeForce GTX 280M Quadro FX 3700M GeForce 9800M GTX GeForce GTX 260M

That depends. What video out options does your laptop have?

SEEK 128mb Video cards on EBAY :D

you can buy from a PC shop it's that simple.

The Asus N90SV-A1, comes with an Nvidia GeForce GT 130M graphics card with 1GB of video memory,and it takes on gaming and animation with ease.

That depends. What video out options does your laptop have? What video in options does your TV have?

No the video card is soldered onto the motherboard, you basically would have to buy another motherboard which means your basically buying a new laptop

The best video card in the world is the nVidia GeForce GTX 690 - For the cost of over $3000.

The short answer is no. The computer you're mentioning is a laptop. The card you mention is a desktop video card. There is no expansion slot for the laptop you mention for a video card like the one you asked about.Now there *are* some laptops that do have the ability to replace and/or upgrade your video card. The Toshiba you mentioned is not one of them. It's video card is built right into the logic board itself.

no video has ram slots video cards have video ram built onto the card itself

Any laptop that meets the system requirements:System requirementsMinimumRecommendedMicrosoft Windows[2]Operating systemWindows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000CPU1.7 GHz3.0 GHzMemory512 MB RAM1 GB RAMGraphics hardwareDirectX 8.1 video card; 256MB minimum video card memory. (NVIDIA GeForce 5 / ATI x1500 or higher)DirectX 9.0 video card; 512MB recommended video card memory. (NVIDIA GeForce 5000 or higher / ATI Radeon or Sapphire w/ HD support)NetworkInternet Connection; minimum 128kbps with low latency.Mac OS[2]Operating systemLeopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3Memory1 GB RAMGraphics hardwareNVIDIA GeForce 8 / ATI X1600 or higherNetworkInternet Connection

It depends on the laptop. Some laptops have the video on a separate board that can be replaced for upgrades, but most do not.

This laptop is not good for image and video editing. This laptop is great for basic internet and email work.

GeForce 8600GT 512MB has its own 512MB of Video Ram. Even if you computer had 256MB ram, Video card will work.