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Yes you can

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Q: Can you put a vehicle in a POD to transport across the United States?
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Can you put a vehicle in a shipping container to transport across the United States?

== == Yes. I've done that before. It cost a fortune. Check with your carrier. Some will, some won't.

If someone were looking to ship a car across the United States what auto transport services would be available to them?

If someone were looking to ship a car across the United States then there are various options open to them. One is to get it transported in a container.The more popular option is to hire someone to actually drive it across.

Where can someone find quotes for vehicle transport across the country?

There are a few companies that offer cross-country vehicle transport services. Some places to find quotes for this service include Auto Transport 411, Top Moving, National Transport LLC, and Cascade Vehicle Shipping.

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What is vehicle transport?

Vehicle transport means moving vehicles by means of large trucks. when your family is relocating to another state, you need to move your vehicle also. if you are moving across country, over a long distance then it is not possible to drive your car. In such cases, you can make use of auto transport companies.the auto transport companies transports your vehicle by means of large trucks safely from origin to destination.there are many types of auto transport services:door to door transportterminal to terminalopen carrier transportenclosed carrier

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