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You should not put chemicals in the pool while the vacuum is in. Put the chemicals in and give them a chance to work first. Then you can vacuum and backwash the filter as needed.

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Q: Can you put chemicals in the pool while the vacuum is in?
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Should you put chemicals in your pool first or skim and vacuum first?

It's always better to skim and vacuum first, then balance the chemicals

What chemicals do you put in a do pool?


What pool supplies do you need for an outdoor pool?

An outdoor pool does not require to much in the way of pool supplies. You will need a net, a vacuum system, and chemicals. Some people like to use a float to put chlorine tablets into.

How long after plastering a pool can you add chemicals?

as soon as you put the water in you can ad chemicals to it

What chemicals do you use when someone throws up in the pool?

You don't put chemicals in a pool, if someone threw up in a pool, wouldn't someone clean the pool? I mean seriously.

How do you hook up vacuum for in-ground swimming pool?

Put a vacuum plate over the top of the leaf basket (usually supplied with the pool) and plug the vacuum hose into it.

How do you make water in a pool clearer?

put clorine in. let algae sit then sweep it out with a pool vacuum

How soon after you put algaecide in the pool can you get in it?

You want to have the equipment running while adding any chemicals. You will want to wait about an hour after adding algaecide.

Where can I get instructions on how to put an Intex pool vacuum together?

Try the link below-

What chemicals do you put in your pool after you fill it with water?

People use salt, bromine, chlorine, and other assorted chemicals

What chemicals do you put in a swimming pool when you first fill it?

get shock treatment and then chlorine

Can you put fish in your swiming pool?

No the chemicals used to sanatize the water will kill them

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