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Well, I own a Panasonic convection micro combo- given to me without the original users instructions. I reheated one of those white paper Asian food carry-out containers that are stapled on the sides (metal staples) for 1 minute and the container was absolutely fine. Now I don't know about large metal objects, but just in case anyone wants to know I thought this might help.

Here's a suggestion. Let the manufacturer make the call on this one. No one on this board can tell for sure without the owners manual or the model number of the machine in question (so one could look at the owner's manual). "No" is a safe answer, but it may not be correct. A combination machine like the convection microwave has expanded cooking capabilities, and anyone who ponies up for one of these puppies should know whether or not something like foil can be used inside it. Some microwave ovens allow a bit of foil over a portion of a food item being cooked, like the ends of drumstick on a bird. If the manufacturer's manual is not handy, it may be possible to go to the manufacturer's web site and actually view it online. Certainly the pamphlet can be had by ordering it. Get the manual. Read it. There might be several things in there that weren't obvious. Like whether or not foil can be used in the oven.

A link is provided to the USDA page with microwave use and safety suggestions. Surf on over and scroll down to the section on the use of foil and see what they have to say.

Yes you can, if using the convection component. It's just like an oven - same pots and pans, except the cook time is shorter due to the fan system. You do need shallow pans. I cook biscuts on the bottom of the pan. Just flip it over. It makes yummy biscuits. Change oven recipes to shorter times than conventional ovens. Things cook faster in a convection oven.

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Q: Can you put metal in a convection microwave combo?
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no because it will blow up your microwave.

Can you put metal in microwave oven on convection mode?

yes if you want to totally destroy your microwave, but thanks for having the time to write this!

Can you put metal in a microwave?

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No. Teflon is only found on metal, and metal dishes should not be put in a microwave.

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Take it out.

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No. Metal in a microwave will spark and burn.

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No, never put metal in a microwave oven!!

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because the heat reflects of the metal and it bounces back to the microwave and then it's like a mini explosion in your microwave!

What would happen if someone put metal in a microwave oven?

Putting metal in the microwave can cause a fire to happen.

What happens if you put metal in the microwave?

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if you put a metal in your microwave it will create a spark and when you hold it it will create a shock so don't put any metals inside the microwave it is dangerous

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When you turn on my microwave oven there is arcing and sparks?

There is some kind of metal in the microwave. Maybe you have a gold edge around your plate or a metal twist tie. You can not put metal in the microwave (one metal spoon or fork will be okay.)

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