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because the raise in the microwave attacks the metal

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Q: Why can't metal be put in a microwave?
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Can you cook soup in the can that it came in?

not if it is in a can and your doing it in the microwave because you cant put metal in the microwave. if you are doing it on the hob, then its best you put it in a saucepan. dont cook the soup in a can!

What can you not put in a microwave?


Can you put metal in a microwave?

No because if you put metal in the microwave, it could cause a fire because heat and metal DO NOT mix

What to do if you put metal in a microwave?

Take it out.

What happens to an sheet of metal when its put in a microwave?

Nothing happens to the metal, there may be sparks from the metal to the housing of the microwave, the microwave may short out.

Why can't i put metal in the microwave?

if you put a metal in your microwave it will create a spark and when you hold it it will create a shock so don't put any metals inside the microwave it is dangerous

Can you put metal in a Panasonic pro 2 microwave?

Don't be stupid! You can't put metal in any kind of microwave.

Can you put teflon coated dishes in microwave?

No. Teflon is only found on metal, and metal dishes should not be put in a microwave.

Can you put an aluminum pan in a microwave?

No. Metal in a microwave will spark and burn.

Can you microwave soup cans?

No, never put metal in a microwave oven!!

What cant you put in a microwave?

metal objects some plastic objects. Some foods are not clever to be used in a microwave like an egg, which will explode with pressure and make a mess inside your microwave oven if not break it.

What happens if you put metal in the microwave?

Microwave blows up or goes on fire

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