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no, metall bbs will break your gun, and are too small to fire properly. Do not attempt this.

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Q: Can you put metal pellets in airsoft sniper rifles?
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Is double eagle airsoft durable?

Double Eagle is one of the most popular airsoft manufacturer's in the UK, their sniper rifles are favourited by many because of their high power, metal barrel & trigger system & strong ABS plastic for body work.

What is the best full metal airsoft sniper for 270 dollars?

Well I have a couple of links I will include

Can you shoot metal bbs from an L96 airsoft sniper?

No, if you are talking about bb's for a BB gun. The BB's for an air rifle or BB gun wont even stay in a Magazine for an airsoft gun. Airsoft BB's are 6mm, air rifle bb's are much smaller. You will ruin an airsoft gun with the smaller metal bbs. But you can get aluminum 6mm pellets for an airsoft gun.

Is a agm l96 awp spring airsoft sniper gun from airsplat metal or plastic?

The body is the only thing that is plastic on the gun, except the piston and orange cap. The inards and barrel are all metal hope this helped

Can bb guns be used in airsoft?

No, bb guns shoot smaller, metal pellets and can cause serious injury if used on people. Only use air soft purposed guns.

Can you shoot copper head bbs in an electric airsoft gun?

most electric airsoft guns don't shoot metal bbs. the metal airsoft bbs are designed to be used in sniper rifles not machine guns Yes.. kind of pointless unless you have like a 700fps monster though. Not wise but very doable. Assuming its 6 or 8 mm, depending on your aeg caliber.

What is the difference between airsoft and BB guns?

Airsoft guns often replicate real guns (such as M16, AK-47, ect,) and shoot little plastic pellets. Airsoft guns are commonly used for the sport of airsoft, which involves a simulation of war where you try to get the other players "out" by shooting them.BB guns are not meant to shoot people. They are single-action where airsoft guns are commonly automatic. They shoot small metal BBs which are generally meant for target practice. They generally have a higher velocity than airsoft guns and are dangerous to shoot at people but are not capable of killing anyone.

Do air guns which mainly shoot metal or lead pellets and BB's also shoot Air soft Plastic BB's?

Some pistols and rifles are designed to shoot BBs or pellets. Higher powered break-barrel rifles are pellets-only, with rifled barrels and high pressures.Airsoft guns are completely different and only shoot little white airsoft pellets.

Is the m249 airsoft gun metal or plastic?

electric airsoft gun h.n its very heavy that's why it cant be a plastic.its metal.

Is the wellfire L96 full metal bolt action AWP type 96 sniper rifle spring or gas operated?

this is a bolt action spring powered airsoft sniper rifle and i highly recommend it as well i had one till it got stolen and i am about to purchase another one asap so i have experience using it.

Are all co2 airsoft guns metal?


Can you use metal BBs in an airsoft gun?