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No, metal BB's are generally 4.5mm.

If you can confirm that the two caliburs are the same, you can go ahead and try for it. But do not attempt a 4.5mm bullet in a 6mm gun, because the result will be catastrophic for you & your gun.


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If they are the correct size, you can. I would advise against it.

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Air Soft rifles use plastic BB's, Air Rifles use metal BB's.

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some of them do

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Q: Can you put plastic bbs in a metal bb gun?
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Can you put plastic BBS in a pellet gun?

No recommended, Not designed for plastic BB's.

How are airsoft bullets made?

The BBs made in the factory are almost flawless, making a homemade BB and using it would be very bad for your gun. One of the easiest ways to break your gun is by using bad BBs. Also do not reuse a fired BB or use .12g BBs in an airsoft gun unless it is a spring rifle or pistol. Make sure you use .12g BBs or higher. BBs are extremely cheap as they are only around $15.

Can you put metal pellets in airsoft sniper rifles?

no, metall bbs will break your gun, and are too small to fire properly. Do not attempt this.

Can you shoot metal bbs from an L96 airsoft sniper?

No, if you are talking about bb's for a BB gun. The BB's for an air rifle or BB gun wont even stay in a Magazine for an airsoft gun. Airsoft BB's are 6mm, air rifle bb's are much smaller. You will ruin an airsoft gun with the smaller metal bbs. But you can get aluminum 6mm pellets for an airsoft gun.

Can you put 6000 BB's in your airsoft gun?

Probably not- that is a LOT of BBs. What does the manual for your gun say?

How do you BBS in a BB gun?

Put in the magazine. load the magazine, and shoot.

Do you need a feeder for an airsoft gun?

Most airsoft guns have magazines that you put bbs into just like you put real bullets into a real gun's magazine

Can you put 12 gram bbs in a .20 gram airsoft gun?

never use .12 bbs. they are very inaccurate. Buy some .20 tsd tactical bbs, never use crosman

How do put bbs in gun?

It all depends on the model. You didn't state the model so it is not possible to answer you.

What is a speed loader on an air soft gun?

well there is 2 types Generic: A speedloader on top of a bottle of BBs the you buy Spring: You pop out a plunger and push it in to put the BBs in the magazine

Does metal or plastic transfer heat faster?

When you put metal in water it cools down quick. When you put plastic in the microwave, you're in for a big problem....Plastic is the answer.

Are you aloud to put plastic in the microwave?

Yes but not metal