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Air Gunning is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The free market has responded with a stunning array of options to serve all abilities and needs. Whether your question is about related products, target practice, hunting (no pictures please), Field Target, or Bench Competition, this is the place for you. BB guns? You bet. That’s a great way to get started in the sport and learn the basic fundamentals of safety and technique.

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Air Guns and Air Rifles

Why were the Air Jordan 1 shoes illegal in the NBA?

On October 18th, 1985, NBA commissioner David Stern banned the Air Jordan I sneaker from the NBA. He felt that they failed to meet on-court dress codes and did not match the uniform of the Chicago Bulls. Commissioner David Stern began fining Michael Jordan $5,000 every time he wore the Air Jordan I's on the court. Nike paid the fine and continued to have Michael wear the shoes. In doing so, the popularity of the product skyrocketed and sales were astronomical for the product.

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Air Guns and Air Rifles

How do you disassemble a Crosman 766?

There are 3 versions of the 766 see the link below for the owners manual and parts list.

Air Guns and Air Rifles
Airsoft Guns and Accessories

Is there such thing as a spring blowback airsoft gun?

No. Spring guns do not recock after firing. Blow backs are gas or electric powered.

Air Guns and Air Rifles
Airsoft Guns and Accessories

Do you need a licenses to buy a airsoft gun in tucson?

You do not need licenses for airsoft guns, as they are not firearms.

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Air Guns and Air Rifles

Can a Daisy Red Ryder use lead airgun pellets?

Now I'm not exactly sure, but the answer would probably yes. I'd Google it up some more, but you probably can load them and fire them depending on the size and mass.

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NO DO NOT use pellets in a Daisy Red Ryder. The BB rifle is NOT designed to shoot pellets. It will damage the rifle.

There is no way to load a pellet into a Red Ryder. The bb's are gravity fed into the breech of the gun and it is sealed making it impossible to do so.

Yes there is a way. The original Daisy was loaded by dropping the BB down the barrel.

Pellets have a soft lead skirt on them, that is designed to catch the air and force it out of the barrel. If you push it backwards down the barrel it might turn and cause jamming. Do not try to make the rifle shoot something it was NOT designed to do.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

How can you tell how powerful a bb gun is?

look on the box for the fps anything over 330 is strong for a rifle. but handguns are good anything over 250fps.

This above information is fine for an Airsoft gun but for a non airsoft BB gun the FPS is different. A BB gun that shoots 460 FPS is considered strong and a BB rifle that shoots 600 FPS is considered strong. A pellet rifle that shoots a .177 caliber pellet at 1200 FPS is considered strong. Pellet guns and pellet Rifle are capable of producing faster speeds and more impact than BB guns and Rifles. Like Airsoft the FPS will be on the box or on the web page.

The only way to tell is to get a chronographer and shoot at lest 10 shots through it and get the numbers, high, low, and the average. Now you'll have a better idea of how powerful the gun is. Speculation isn't very scientific, or accurate.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

How do you reassemble 66 powermaster?

Go to and click on "Download a manual" you will find you rifle there. It will give you an exploded view of the rifle.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

What does fac mean when it cames to air rifles?

FAC = Firearms Certificate in Canada

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Air Guns and Air Rifles

Where to shoot a squirrel with air rifle to eat?

it really is a bad idea to eat your air rifle.perhaps you mean"where may i shoot a squirrel with my air rifle,and then eat the squirrel?" in which case ,a good idea would be to look for roadkill squirrels,then you would know there were squirrels in the area.i know they are regarded as a pest,but it is still bad to shoot a female with nursing young.give it some thought.........

Air Guns and Air Rifles

Who has replacement parts for a crosman 1177 air rifle?

As far as I know Crosman has made a 1077 rifle and a 1377 pistol, but never a 1177 model that I know of. However Crosman offers a service to locate repair shops that repair older air rifles. See the link below.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

What years did daisy produce model no 155 bb gun?

The 155 was produced over several different years. 1931, 1946-49, 1952-53.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

How do you buy a biathlon rifle?

I am not quite sure what you are asking. Do you mean where do you purchase one or what do you look for.

If you mean purchase one, then I suggest several of the airgun web sites. Competition biathlon rifles can be very expensive. An example is the Feinwerkbau model P75 Biathlon that cost around $2,500. Today most, not all, of the biathlon rifles use a PCP system (PreCharged Pneumatic) With the required support system this will add to the cost See the links below and when they open look for biathlon models made by Feinwerkbau, Air arms or Airforce. There are also others that you may want to examine.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

How old is your blue streak pump air pellet rifle no 104125?

It's very hard to date a Sheridan rifle. Let me explain. Sheridan started in 1945 and produced single shot air rifles. In 1977 Benjamin air rifle bought Sheridan and continued the line. In 1992 Crosman bought Benjamin. And again kept both names in manufacture. They decided to use Sheridan on the 20 caliber rifles and Benjamin on the .177 and .22 caliber rifles and air guns. At one point you could find both names on the rifles. In 1995 they came out with the C9 Silver streak model which later added the CB9 Blue streak model. there have been 4 different variations of the Blue streak. It's still made today.

Crosman made some changes with their serial numbering system and I can't pinpoint your date of manufacture.

See the links below

Air Guns and Air Rifles
Airsoft Guns and Accessories

Which is better 20 gram BBs or 12 gram BBs?

Overall, the quality of a standard .20g BB is usually substantially higher than that of a .12g.

However, if you are just plinking with a very-low end (cheap) gun, you shouldn't worry about using a .12g BB.

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Air Guns and Air Rifles

Is it legal to shoot birds with a pellet gun in NC?

Depends on the bird, and the season. A pellet gun, slingshot or bazooka- it is still hunting. Some birds may not be hunted, some at only certain times or days of the year. Check with the North Carolina Game Commission for a definitive answer.

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How do you remove the co2 on the daisy powerline 1200 b b pistol?

If the co2 cartridge is full unscrew the back slowly until all vapor is gone, then just unscrew the back all the way off and it will slide out.

Air Guns and Air Rifles
Airsoft Guns and Accessories

How far can a airsoft 310 fps gun shoot?

Muzzle Velocity does not determine range. One cannot tell the range when given the muzzle velocity. Try looking up the guns specs or repost the question with the name of the product.

For high quality airsoft guns with well adjusted hop-up BB's will travel about 45-55 meters.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

Can you dry fire a Gamo air rifle?

If it's a C02 powered system then yes you can dry fire it. If it's a spring powered system the NO do not dry fire it. It will damage the system.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

How much damage can BB gun do to a duck?

Depending on how far away you are from the duck, you would severely injure it, probably kill it if you were close enough.

Air Guns and Air Rifles
Patents and Patent Law

What is the value of Benjamin air rifle patented 06-05-1906 in good working condition and appearance.?

To assess the value it would be necessary to know the model and caliber of the rifle. Or you can check "Blue book of Airguns" and try to locate it under the "Benjamin" section. You can find the book in most big bookstores.

New Answer.

This may be a model "F" and in good condition it would be worth around $95-$125, But without more information I can not be held to that price range.

Air Guns and Air Rifles

How many time to pump a pellet gun to kill a bird?

Probably around 4 or 5 pumps depending on whether it's flying and where you're hitting it. 3 times if you aim for the head.

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Can armex x10 avenger kill a rabbit?

definitely YES!

Air Guns and Air Rifles

What is value of Benjamin model BB 310 air rifle?

I need to know the condition of the air rifle to be able to give an estimate of value. Does it still work? is it in Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor condition? Let me know and I will try to help you with an answer.

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Air Guns and Air Rifles

How fast do you have to be moving to break the sound barrier?

Mach 1 is the speed at which you break the sound barrier. The speed of sound, or Mach 1, at sea level and under "standard condition" is:

  • 1,116.4 ft/s
  • 340.3 m/s
  • 761.2 mph
  • 1,225.1 km/h
Air Guns and Air Rifles

Can you put a scope on the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Carbine?

The model 760B has a scope rail built in. I am not sure about the older 760's, there were 9 older versions made. I would not go crazy and purchase an expensive scope for it considering the rifle only cost around $30, but yes it is scopeable.

Crosman make a scope that fits the 760 and is not expensive.

see the link below


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