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This is a fairly broad question. In most cases, big fish eat little fish. But if the big fish Is relatively slow, or has a smallmouth, like for example a freshwater Angelfish, it can be housed with fast moving platies.

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depends on the typeof fish you have ... if its a very aggressive fish such as an Oscar and you put a smaller fish in there with it chances are its gonna be ate

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Q: Can you put small fish in a tank with other fish?
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Can you put fighter fish in a fish tank with other fish?

Definitely.I put my Betta fish in the tank with my other fish and he acts like there arent there! but make sure he's the LAST fish in your tank!

How do you protect small fishes?

go to the fish store and buy a fish net that hooks onto the tank then put the baby fish in the net no other fish will be able to get in

What other Fish can you put in cichlid tank?

other cichlids or other aggressive fish

Can you put a betta fish in the same tank with molly fish and platy fish?

You could, but I generally recommend against keeping a betta with any other types of fish. They do best as a loner in their own small tank of at least 5 gallons.

What are all the items you need for a fish tank?

ok for a typical fish tank you will need a clean glass or plastic marbels or rocks. get a small plastic plant or other dec. to put in. you need dec. because fish like to hide. clean tank every 2 weeks or so. this answer is mainly for goldfish,betta & other small fresh water fish.

Is it bad to put fishes and small turtles together in a fish tank?

The turtles will eat the fish.

Can you put any marine fish in tropical tank?

small ones

Can you put small frogs in a community fish tank containing angelfish?

Yes, but just make sure the frogs aren't aggressive or they will kill your other fish.

What fish would you put in a community tank?

You put minnows or other fish well im not sure

Can you put a female and male fighting fish in the same fish tank?

no you can not put a female and male fighting fish in the same tank because they will just kill each other

Which tropical fish can you put in the same fish tank together?

You can put Bettas, and tetras together. A clown loach will go with anything you put in the tank. Just make sure you have a big enough tank. Guppies multiply quickly. So if you want to put in more fish you will have to be careful the other fish don't eat the baby guppies. Don't put Oscars in with other fish. A fish will eat another fish if it can get it in it's mouth.

What kinds of fish can you put in a small tank?

Small, hardy, non aggressive fish are best. These include small tetras, rasboras, barbs and rainbows.

Can you put small shrimp in a tank with a betta fish?

no but snails would last.

How do you save small fish from big fish?

separate them If they are in the same tank, you can't; you need to put the ones that eat the smaller ones in a different tank.

Is it fair to put a fish in a small tank?

No, it really isn't fair at all. Some fish can survive in a small tank like bettas but they won't be happy. Fish need approx. 1 gallon per inch of fish to thrive.

Can you put another fish in the same tank as the beta?

No it will try to kill the other fish

How many fish can you put in a 20 liter tank?

It depends on the type of fish you are putting in the 20 Liter (5 gallon) tank. Some fish are very small and don't grow a lot so you could put a lot of them in there but you couldn't put more then one or two goldfish in because they are dirty fish and they can outgrow the fish tank.

Can you put a betta in a tank with other fish?

Not if you want the other ones to live.

How often do you need to clean your fish tank?

you should just clean a fish tank when you see it is growing algae or getting murky and dirty. dont forget though, when you clean out a fish tank you need to have some other tub or fish tank to put your fish's in other wise they will die!

What fishes can you put with zebrafish in fish tanks?

Zebra Danios can be kept with other small to medium sized tropical fish, as long as they are not too agressive. Good tank mates include other danios, small barbs, platies, swordtails, tetra's, and other small community tropicals.

What fish can you put in a tank with a male Betta?

It's best not to put any fish in with a Male Betta unless you use a tank divider so the Betta cannot get to the other fish to fight.

Can you put a small turtle in a big fish tank with aggressive fish in it?

Yes you can.

What can you put your Gray Tree Frog in if you don't have a fish tank?

if you don't have a fish tank,try a small tank with plants and rocks for it to climb on .The size of the bowl depends on the size of your frog

What kind of fish do you recommend to be put with a betta in the same tank?

No fish can live with a betta in small tank. but you can always house with your betta a Golden Apple Snail.

Can you put a small shark with tetras?

Bala sharks are non-aggressive. I have had several of them, and they have never tried to attack or harm the other fish in the tank.

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