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No, this will not work. Laptop video cards are designed for the laptop they are installed in. They are not removable from the laptop and do not have the same connections that a desktop has anyway.

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No, a monitor is your computer screen.

While you can hook up an external monitor to your computer if your video card is not working, it will not display anything.

Check your cord from the computer and monitor. If that is ok check your video card.

On some computers including laptops the video card is built into the motherboard. On others it is connected to a slot. By opening the computer case you can look for where the computer monitor cable connects into and this is your video card.

A video card is a GPU (Graphics processing Unit) this is what displays everything you see on your computer monitor.

unscrew the side of your computer (Desktop) and you know where the VGA lead goes in to connect to the monitor? that is it

you have to buy it then fit it into your computer obviously

The easy way to find out is to hook up the monitor to something else and see if it turns on. If not then it is probably the video card.

To enable multiple monitors, your computer must have multiple monitor outputs. These outputs can take many forms (such as VGA or DVI outputs) and your monitor will need to have the same plug type as the output. This may (and most likely) will require that your computer have multiple video cards. If your computer currently uses built in video, to add another monitor, you will need to purchase and install a new video card as well as a new monitor. Windows currently has fairly robust multiple monitor support and after installing the second monitor will most likely autodetect it and "extend" your desktop onto your new monitor.

provides an interface between a computer and a display monitor

Video output is handled by the video card and then sent to the monitor to be displayed.

That is the video card. The video card converts the bus signals in the computer into an output which a computer monitor can use. They come with different abilities, graphics processing speeds, amounts of memory, etc.

No, all that is required is a video card, so that there would be an image on a moitor, the sound card is only required if you want there to be sound, hence the name sound card. but in priority, your computer needs a cable ( Hdmi, Dvi) and a video card to display an image on a monitor

Is it the monitor, the video card or a setting? If you have access to another monitor, plug it in and see if it too is upside down. If that's it, the yolk is installed wrong on the monitor CRT.

The function of a VGA card (video card) is to provide an interface between the hardware and the software. Basically this means that it plugs in to the monitor and shows what the computer is doing.

Either the monitor or video card are bad or the wrong software driver is being used for the video card or the refresh rate is out of range for the monitor. How to resolve it: Plug in a different monitor swap the video card into another PC or try a new one make sure the correct software driver is being used for the video card. Or there is simply too much dust in the video card fan. Q-tips may be the solution.

Am guessing your having problems with the monitor...First check if the monitor's (the screen) has any wires that are damaged, try the monitor on a different computer if the monitor works in a different computer than it could be the video card that is giving you a hard time.make sure all cables are plugged in correctly and check the video card to see if its damaged or is it properly adjusted in the motherboard, and also check the BIOS settings to make sure the video card is selected.

The video card in your computer must have a tv out ,composite or s video. standard tv's are 480x640 so it is not good quality

Graphic card or Video card handles all the graphics that are displayed on monitor.

Try re-seating the video card in it's pci slot, or installing a new card if the video is on the motherboard.

Configuring the BIOS for the video card being installed Physically installing the video card Installing drivers for the video card Remove old video card from your computer (if you use on-board skip this step) Attach the new video card to your computer. Start Computer using on-board video and install drivers. Attach monitor to new card, if it still doesn't work disable on-board video in your bios. If everything is installed properly and computer has significant power graphics card should work properly.

Video cards exist to connect a computer to a monitor and to provide a display to the monitor. There has to be a way to convert the signals available on a computer's bus to the types of signals a computer monitor needs. So this is what a video card does. Accelerated video cards help take the strain off of your computer when your playing a game with really good graphics. They do this by having dedicated rendering circuitry inside the GPU so the CPU doesn't have to do this work.

Which type of monitor? Which type of monitor?

If you can troubleshoot the problem without opening your computer, that is best. So, connect a known working monitor to see if it works. If not, I guess you have to suspect the video card. :)

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