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no I am pretty sure after you comeplet p dex you get a mager advance on your tiket P.S dont get hopes up ok *.*

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โˆ™ 2006-02-28 14:17:31
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Q: Can you really go to Agate Village in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get to Agate village in Pokemon Colosseum?

you have to go through the desert, phecan city, and pyrite town then you get to agate village.

Where is the agate relic on Pokemon Colosseum?

It's in the Agate village and is close (left to and below) the Pokemon center

How do you go to agate village in Pokemon Colosseum?


How do you get scents on Pokemon Colosseum?

You can buy scents at Agate Village.

Where do you find the cologne in Pokemon Colosseum?

You can find the colognes in the shop at Agate Village, you have to have a cologne case to have them. You can find the case by talking to a woman in Agate Village.

Where is the day care in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

its in agate village.

Where can you get cologne in Pokemon XD?

in Agate Village at the Pokemon mart. (once you aquire cologne case)

Get cologne case on Pokemon Colosseum?

talk to the girl near the Pokemon Center in Agate village

Where is the relic stone in Pokemon Colosseum?

i think the relic stone is in agate village.

Where is Mt Battle in Pokemon coloseum?

Its placed right above agate village.

Where is the daycare in Pokemon Colosseum?

its in agate village, the house that is just left of the grandfathers house

Where do you buy the vivid scent in Pokemon XD the gale of darkness?

In the agate village pokemart.

What are some Pokemon XD glitches?

you can get a celebi by purifying all shadow Pokemon at agate village!'it happened to me XD

How do you evolve quilava in Pokemon Colosseum?

open the door to its heart at the stone in agate village then level it up

Where do you find the nickname rater in Pokemon Colosseum?

The name rater is in Agate village in both Colosseum and XD

How do you get the master ball in Pokemon Colosseum?

Answer:Speak to Eagun in Agate Village after receiving an incomplete Email from him in Realgam Tower.

Where is the relic forest in Pokemon colosseum?

Relic Forest is in Agate Village. The entrance is just to the left of the Pokemon Center (you need to go down the path).

Where is Pikachu in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

Pikachu is always with Eagun the greatest trainer in the world which he's in agate village.

Is there a way to purify Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum quickly?

Go to agate village and into the pokemart buy some vivid scents and use them on your shadow Pokemon soon they will be purified this is the fastest way or you can leave a shadow Pokemon in the daycare and wait a long time then it will be purified. The super fastest way is to use a time flute at celebi shrine in agate village celebi will appear and purify your shadow Pokemon you choose to purify.

In Pokemon do you colosseum how do you open a heart?

You have to use it in battle if u want or use the scents you buy at agate village, or use the time flutes but i suggest using it to the stronger ones cause you only get like 3 in the game, if it says undo the final lock take that Pokemon to agate village and go to the celebi shrine

Who is eagan in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

Eagun is an expert trainer that has excelled in battles throughout the years and has since retired and lives in Agate Village. Eagun lives in the top most house in Agate Village. Eagun is best known for his level 50 Pikachu.

Can you evolve snagged Pokemon on Pokemon Colosseum?

Yes you can! But you have to open the door to their heart first (turn it to regular Pokemon again). You also must have access to the Ancient Relic in Agate Village

How do you get to the lady with a poochyena in agate village in Pokemon XD?

Go behind Eagun's house to find a secret path leading down to the lady.

How can you make a Pokemon purified in Pokemon collosom?

Use cologne scents you can buy those at the agate village mart once its ready to be purified go to the relic stone and purify it.

When do you get to Agate Village?

In Pokémon Colosseum you can get to Agate Village after defeating Miror B. in Pyrite Cave and then talk to the lady outside the Fortune Shop and the Agate Village will be unlocked. In Pokémon XD, track down Lily on the second floor of the Pokémon HQ Lab and give her the Machine Part and she'll eventually tell you to go visit Agate Village. And then you go to Canada. Ottawa and go lick yo mama balls