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When you sign up for any type of government aid you sign your right to claim support.

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Q: Can you receive back pay child support if your on Medicaid?
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Can the state keep child support to pay back food stamps and medicaid?

I live in Indiana, and I know they keep child support to pay back TANF (welfare) In some instances Medicaid as well. Every state might be different. In my state regardless of how much child support a person gets they only receive the first $50 if they get a welfare check and the rest goes to the state. They wont take it for food stamps.

Can back child support be forgiven by parent that should receive support?


Does back child support end if child did not receive high school diploma?


Does the father have to pay back Medicaid after birth?

when i filed for child support, and my sons "sperm donor" was required to pay child support, he also was required to pay back medicaid, wic etc.. i believe he is only paying 50$ a month. but the loser got lucky cuz my son was only on medicaid for about 4 months. But as far as i know, yes.. they do have to pay it back.

Can you receive back child support if you are still married to the father?


Can an adult receive back child support from a deceased parent's estate?

Generally, no. Although child support is for the child, it is payable to the custodian and/or the State.

How do you get child support if the parent is in jail?

You will not receive child support if the other parent is in jail because there is no income to garnish. Their back child support will add up and you can file contempt charges for nonpayment of child support.

Custodial parent filed for support after moving out of the state of Nevada Is she entitled for child support and in order to receive this support will she have to move back to Nevada?

She is entitled to child support regardless of where either of you live. It is your child and you must help support him/ her, and no, she does not have to move back to Nevada.

Are you elgible to receive foostamps if you owe back child support?

... eligible to receive food stamps [SNAP] ... yes

What do you do when you receive a Child Support letter in your mailbox addressed to a former resident?

send it back

Can you receive back pay for child support if the child is an adult now?

Generally, no - although there might be an exception for a severely disabled child.

If your ex boyfriend owes you back child support and owes his ex wife back child support and he claimed your son on his taxes will you receive any of his tax return?

yes u will because of the child support order, but the tax return will be split between you and his ex-wife. he wont receive nothing..

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