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yes I cancelled my sky due to poor content, and am still using it for the free stuff, apparently this is the law that suppliers have to adhere to, that is accepting that you have your own box like I have.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-09 17:56:13
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Q: Can you receive free sat through your sky dish?
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Does freesat installation have a hidden fee?

The clue is in the name Free SAT. Freesat has no fees apart from the purchase of a satellite dish and a tuner or SAT-ready TV. There are, however, some pay-for channels (eg Sky) but most are free.

How do you get an SAT waiver?

You must apply for an SAT (or ACT) waiver through your High School counselor. You will receive a number to use on your online registration. You can't use a waiver on a late registration.

What is wrong with dish network tonight?

sat 129 down for now

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How can make sat dish?

The best form of dish is a Parabolic Dish - This captures the digital signal and because of its concave form bounces the signal to an LNB ( stands for Low Noise Block) and it is the receiving end of a satellite dish. The LNB must be pointing directly to the satellite overhead in orbit to receive the strongest and clearest signal. As with a normal TV antenna, it may be required for you to adjust the LNB in order to receive the highest quality (strongest and clearest) satellite signals available

Will old sat dish work with new direct tv receiver?


Do you need a HD specific satellite dish for HD television?

Yes. If you have Directv or Dish Network, the HD signals come from different satellites the the SD signals. For DTV most SD signals come from the 101, 110 and 119 degree west longitude sat positions. Most HD signals come from the 99 and 103 degree sat positions. Each sat position has a dedicated filter (called a low noise blocker, or LNB) on the arm of the dish. An SD dish only has up to 3 SD LNB's (3 total) and doesn't have the HD LNB's (which would be 5 total.) Don't be confused by looking at the dish to count the number of LNB's because most modern dishes combine up to 3 LNB's into one unit. Call DTV or Dish and ask because if you want to get HD the dish is included (free) in the upgrade. If you already have an HD receiver, the dish upgrade is free. Dish works very much the same way.

Where can you receive sat tutoring?

There are several ways to receive tutoring in preparation for the sats. Most high schools offer free prep classes. In home tutoring can be had and Sylvan learning centers also offer these services.

Where can you find real sat problems?

Free sample SAT questions:

How can I register for SAT tests online?

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What is an PSAT?

It is a "pre" SAT. Its purpose is for you to find out if you test well with SAT-type tests. Also, it is an opportunity to receive a scholarship through the National Merit Scholar's program. If you score very, very high on the PSAT, you are eligible for the scholarship.

How can you align your satellite sky dish?

You can use a compass. Once you have the dish roughly aligned left to right with the compass bearing The second step is to align the dish vertically. The correct elevation of the dish will be dependent on the region of the world you are in.The use of a 'Sat-Finder' (B5029) will also greatly help with locating the satellite signal. The 'Sat-Finder' will give you an audible indication of signal strength as you move the dish. Can be bought on the internet.

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