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Not necessarily. Remember, if you are in jail on charges, you are innocent until proven guilty. However, if you have been sentenced, then workman's comp could be lost due to the fact that you are being housed, fed and cared for, even if is a jail. As always, consult your attorney regarding your particular situation.

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Once your WC claim is approved and payments begin, you receive payments until released to return to work. Being in prison is irrelevant, as long as your doctor says you are still unable to work. I have paid incarcerated WC beneficiaries in several states.

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Q: Can you receive workman s comp checks while in prison?
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yes texas inmates receive hepatitis c from prison

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Can i receive Investment income while on workers compensation?

Yes as long as the checks aren't to heavy to lift.

Does workman's comp pay if I am on vacation?

according to california workman comp can an employee use his vac pay while out on Workman comp

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No, because, among the many requirements to receive those benefits, you must be actively seeking full time employment which, for obvious reasons, you can't do while incarcerated.

What do you do if you received a letter already open from an insurance company while on workman's comp in an open window envelope and you could see almost 7 numbers of your social security number?

Report it to your Employment office and also to Workman's Comp. There isn't much they can do, but at least it's report (also send a registered letter about your complaint because it's then on file should you have any problems in the future.) It makes me laugh at all the warnings given to the public about Identity Theft yet what do they do ... they send your Workman's Comp in regular mail (instead of Registered Mail where you have to sign) and they do this in Canada with new Driver's Licenses and Credit Cards. From now on have your Workman's Comp. checks put into "direct account" (into your savings or checking account.) You will receive all info on your bank statement so you know you are getting the checks. I get my Canadian Pension and Old Age Pension checks sent right to an small interest baring checking account at my Credit Union and thus, it stops Identity Theft.

What is computation method?

how to calculate workman compensation death while in service

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What are your rights filing for workman's comp if employed?

If you sustained any injury while on the job you have the right to file for Workman's Comp, even though you are still employed.