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yes, find a player for your digital video (probably your digital video camera) and it should have an analogue output, usually a yellow video cable which you can plug into the back of a VCR.

Unless you want to record a digital signal onto a VHS cassette, and the simple answer to that is no.

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Can You Record a cassette without a sound card?

Onto your computer? No.

What format is a Digital Video Disc format?

Digital Video Disc - also known as digital versatile disc or more commonly DVD, is a format where data can be stored onto a disc. It replaces video and video recorders, as DVD-Rs can be bought and recorded onto.

How does a digital camcorder store the video?

A digital camcorder records video digitally. Video is usually recorded onto a removable memory disk.

What is difference between analog video and digital video?

The world of digital video video is here. It seems every phone and digital camera these days has the ability to take video, and some with stunning quality. High-end wedding videographers are even switching from the tried and true digital video camcorders of yesteryear to digital SLR cameras capable of recording 720p HD video. But it seemed like just a few months ago that digital video used to mean video shot onto digital videotape. And the advantages between recordings digital video camcorders and analog camcorders were numerous.Digital vs. Analog VideoDigital camcorders possess many advantages over their analog predecessors. Due to the advances in technology that came with the introduction of Digital Camcorders, we highly recommend you no longer shoot with Analog formats. But it is important to note that not all digital video is the same - we are talking here about camcorders that record video to digital tape formats, not your handheld digital camera that records compressed video to a digital file. Unless you have a high-end Digital SLR that records to HD video, you will still get better quality shooting to tape with your Digital camcorder. Here's why we recommend Digital Video over Analog Video:Higher-quality recorded video signal Analog video uses an electrical signal to capture video images onto magnetic tape, while a digital video signal begins and remains digital. No quality is lost when you copy your video. It is also much easier to record and capture video to your computer directly via Firewire. Analog video degrades with each copy and requires a special video capture card or analog-to-digital converter box in order to import video onto your computer.Posted by: MemoryHubLabels: General

Can you record video with a digital camera directly onto your computer?

With most video cameras you can. I can do it with my camera, just have the camera in Auto (or whatever your usual record mode is) instead of Play or VCR mode. It should stream straight into your computer.

What hardware and procedure is required to convert the contents of an analog video tape into digital format on a CD?

You will need: 1. The Video Cassette you want to copy 2. A VCR to play the cassette 3. A Blank CD-R to record the captured video 3. A computer with a video capture card (like AVerDVD EZMaker Video Capture Card or Pyro 1394DV Digital Video Capture Card, etc) installed. You will also need a CD-R/W drive in your computer to burn the resulting movie file to a CD. 4. If you are purchasing a video capture card, they usually come with the necessary software. 5. Cables to connect your VCR to the PC. If you are purchasing a card like in 3 above, you should receive the cables with your card. 6. Software for converting VCR video to avi or mpeg. To convert the video-cassette: 1. Instal the video capture card in your PC - usually in a PCI slot. 2. Connect the VCR output to the card input on your PC. 3. Power on your PC and the VCR 4. Start the video capture software on your computer, Pop in the video-cassette into the VCR and follow the instructions as per the software's manual. 5. This should convert the video-cassette into a digital movie file on your computer's hard disk. 6. Convert video to avi or mpeg 7. Next, use the CD burning software which came with your computer to burn this movie onto the CD-R.

How do you get movies onto your computer?

You either have to buy it from itunes or have a digital copy of the video

What do I record onto when I buy a camcorder?

If you buy a new recorder you can typically download the video to your computer and save it onto your computer and then put it onto a disc. You can also hook it up to your TV and record it onto a DVD if you have the right equipment.

Which cassette deck is best for putting analog tape onto CD?

A high quality cassette deck will give you the best sound when recording onto CD.

Is there any certain types of tapes you need to buy for a digital recorder ?

Digital recorders use memory cards, similar to cameras, to record onto.

Where can I purchase digital camcorder tapes?

Digital camcorder tapes don't exist. this is because digital camcorders record digitally onto a hard drive. thus no tapes are really needed, which is good.

What does IP mean on my camera?

It is a digital form of recording. The camera you have can directly save video to a digital media device such as a flash drive or onto your computer system.

How do you upload your own movies onto Itunes?

You need to convert your movies to iTunes compatible video. If they are digital copy, you need a video converter; If you want to upload DVD movies onto iTunes, you need a DVD ripper;

Can you tape a digital program onto a vhs tape?

If you mean a digital TV converter, yes it will record to a VCR. It's no more complicated than recording from cable or satellite TV.

Is it possible to record photos onto a CD-R?

Yes. Any type of digital data can be stored on a CD-R

Is it good to use a digital camera to upload a video on youtube?

Yes, many videos are created by using a digital camera. Although, it would be a good idea to upload the video file to your computer, use a video editor, and then upload it onto YouTube so that your video will seem professional looking instead of a rough draft look.

Are digital video recorders the only type of video recorder?

Most new video recorders are now digital due to better quality and demand. However some manufactors do offer non digital versions. A2 All recorders that use discs or hard drives are digital by their very nature. VHS tape machines used an analogue system of recording onto tape. There are a few of these still available, but are rapidly drying up.

How do you record yourself using movie maker?

you can do it many ways... for instance, you can record yourself via webcam or through a video camera and upload it onto your computer. that was the way I used to do it.

Can you connect your Xbox 360 to a cable box?

The digital video interface on your cable box is not set up as an input. So, you cannot record the input from the xbox 360 onto your standard digital cable box even if it is an hd pvr. you need something like a capture device to record your xbox 360 video games. i prefer to use a newelectronx hd pvr because i record retro games from Nintendo consoles. The hd pvr that I use allows me to record the xbox 360 and the Nintendo. Search around for some capturing devices and select the best one that will fit your needs. That is the best way to record xbox 360 video games. Alternately you can try a vcr, camera, internet software, or computer driven software and programs.

How do you make your own video for Bebo?

If you have a phone with a video recorder and a usb to fit it into your computer then: # Record a video # Save it onto your phone # Plug your phone into your Computer # On your computer click on "My Computer" (should be on your desktop) # Click on removal disk (which ever one is your phone) # Click Video's # Find the video # Upload it onto bebo # Done :)

Which camcorders accept SD cards to record onto?

Almost all camcorders (such as Canon ones) accept SD format. For digital media it's the gold standard.

Can a digital camera be used as a web cam?

No, Cameras are ment for takin pictures or video, soon probaly they will but, for now they havent thought that far. Yes it can all you have to do is take a photo or film on a digital camra and then up load it onto your computer

What is a video camera and what does it do?

a video camera is a device that allows you to record what ever you are pointing the camera at. You can upload it onto sites like youtube (most of the time). when you finish recording the video footage then you can edit it with different software and you are done. Hope I helped

What is a digital camera used for?

Answerit is used for taking photographs and then the digital part is you can then transfer them onto your computor.

How do you put a digital copy onto a galaxy s phone?

it depends what you mean by digital copy