Can you recycle air

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Q: Can you recycle air
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What produces the air in the terrarium?

The plants recycle the air.

Can you recycle car air fresheners?


How is air recycled?

People breath it in and out to recycle it

How does it help the earth to Recycle?

it helps becuse of all the trees we cut down trees and trees give us more air so the more we recycle the better air we have.

What are facts that are important to the environment?

the pollution in the air and how much we recycle.

What is recycle in air coditioning?

Shuts off intake from outside-cools faster, but no fresh air.

What will happen if you do recycle?

we will live in a better environment where the air is clear and with no pollution

How does recycling keep your air fresh?

because when you recycle the air pollution gets fresh for cleaning the trash

Why many people don't ercycle?

People recycle because it is good for the air we breathe I think they are too lazy to put things in the recycle bin

Why there shouldn't be plastic water bottles?

it pollutes the air and are animals that we love recycle

What is convections purpose?

convections purpose it to "recycle" warm and cold air or materials

What happens to the community if you don't recycle?

well when people don't recycle the land fills began 2 ple up and we don't breathe clean air