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You can, in a way.

Firstly, you can use Benediction, which will allow you to remove the cursed item, but this is only temporary and does not uncurse the item itself.

However, most cursed items are actually part of an alchemy recipe to turn it into an equivalent, uncursed item. Typically these recipes will require 1, 2 or 3 units of Saint's Ashes. Some examples of cursed to uncursed versions are: Skull Ring to Sorcerer's Ring, Reckless Necklace to Lucky Pendant, Hades Helm to Great Helm.

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Q: Can you remove curses from items in Dragon Quest IX?
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There are no items called 'dollar' in Dragon Quest IX.

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How do you unequip a cursed item in dragon quest ix?

You need to go to a church, there is an option to bless the character so the cursed items can be unequipped. Priests can learn this same ability so you can use it in the field rather than have to go back to a town or city. Lastly there is at least one item that can remove curses, Saint's Ashes I think.

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Do you keep your quest items with you after abandoning a quest in AQ world?

Yes. Abandoning a quest will not cause your quest items to disappear, but you will no longer cause monsters to drop those items when you kill them.

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What items do you need to make a Nebula Sword in Dragon Quest IX?

You need a Stardust Sword, one Silver Orb, and one Agate of Evolution.

How do you complete quest?

You complete a quest by by the required items, then turning them in to whomever gave you the quest

Where do you get the daily quest items on adventure quest worlds?

go to valencia

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