Can you repaint an auto body?

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Yes you can repaint a car body there is prep work invalved with sanding and fixing rust and dents then there is primer and then the paint

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Q: Can you repaint an auto body?
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What services are performed at an Auto Body Shop?

Many services can be performed at an auto body shop. They can repair a car that has been in an accident. They can also repaint a car if someone is looking to make their car a new color.

What part of speech is repaint?

Repaint is a verb.

What would be a good name for an auto body shop?

Auto Body PlaceReal Repair Auto Body Shop*your name's* Auto Body Plaza

How do you use repaint in a sentence?

I had to repaint my picture because it was so sloppy.

What is an auto body?

An auto body is the outer shell of an automobile, as distinct from the chassis.

Can auto body repair be done at a dealership or only at an auto body repair center?

Many dealerships will also provide auto body repair.

Where can one find auto body supplies?

Every country, state or town has its own local shops who can provide your required auto body parts in a very short time. So choose your shop online by searching "auto body shop near me" in google or yahoo. You will get the desired deal for sure.

Can you repaint pool tile?


How do you repaint car?

with a brush.

What does a auto body do?

(Auto Body) The outer shell of a car, as opposed to the chassis. (Auto Body Technician) Works on the body of the car including damages from accidents painting and replacing parts that are damaged.

What paint do you use to repaint a driver shaft?

You aren't really supposed to repaint it but if you do it looks best with chrome paint.

Where can one purchase auto body hammers?

Auto body hammers can be purchased at almost any auto parts and tool stores. Sears and Harbor Freight are a couple of places that carry auto body hammers.

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