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What year? Do you have a malfunction code?

There are a lot of things that affect emissions and a lot depends on the year of the vehicle to determine the cause.

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Can you fit a 316i BMW with a 320i diff?


Where is the Battery in BMW 316i?

If it's an E90, in the boot underfloor!

Does a BMW 1997 316i have a cam belt or chain?


Where can you download owners manual for 1995 BMW model 316I?

The Free Product Manual website allows users to download owners manual for their vehicles. This includes the 1995 BMW model 316I.

How do you reset BMW 316i airbag light?

316 İA 1997

Why does the overhead light comes on and off on a bmw 316i?

the door is open

Does a bmw 316i 1.8 2001 to 2004 have a timing belt?

It has a chain.

Does a 2004 BMW e46 316i have a timing belt?

No. It uses a timing chain.

Where can you find the fuse box diagram for a 1997 BMW 316i?

BMW 316i forums is the best place to find a fuse box diagram for your 1997 vehicle. You can also check with your local auto parts store to get a copy.

How do you test BMW 328i ABS relay?

how we resolve problems of abs pump

How do you change a BMW 316i tire?

Get online to the wonderful help on the BMW site -- they'll only charge you an arm and a leg!

Is the BMW 316i front or rear wheel drive?

yes, it is front wheel drive.

What does the crankshaft sensor on BMW 316i do?

It gauges the revs of the crankshaft (thats the rpm you see on your speedometer)

What horse power does a 316i BMW e30 have?

Should be an M40 model which i believe has 105bhp at the crank.

Does a 1999 BMW 316i petrol compact have a cam belt or chain?

1999 Model is chain driven

Can you change the angle of the main headlights for driving abroad on a 1997 BMW 316i?

something to do with the wiring, i have been told

What is the tappet noise on BMW 2002 316i compact?

650 mph which is brilliant and 700 brake horse power

What is the car stereo CODE for BMW 316i Model 97?

To get this code you will need to call a BMW dealership with the vin number and the serial number off the sticker on the radio.

You have BMW 316i se 1.9 petrol compact does it have cam belt or chain and when does cam belt need changing?


What does 316i mean fo BMW?

3 = 3 series 16 = model (not engine cc - 1.6L) i = Gas powered

DOES A 1998 BMW 316i 4 cylinder use a timing belt or timing chain?

To my knowledge the only BMW engine to use a belt is the M20 "baby" six cylinder.

Does BMW 316i compact 2003 have a timing chain or belt?

where is timeing belt 2003 b m w 1.6 compact

Does BMW 316i 2004 model have a cam belt or chain?

Chain since early 90s on 4 cylinder, longer than that on 6 cylinder.

Where are the wiper relays on a BMW 316i 4 door. 1997 model?

The BMW 316 windshield wiper relay switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The wiper relay switch will be in the middle of the firewall, near the top.

84 BMW 323I speedometer problems?

99 BMW 323I speedometer problems?