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Can you return a car to Drive Time?


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July 03, 2012 1:36AM

They say that you have 3 calendar days to return the vehicle as long as you haven't driven more than 250 miles.... and the car is in the original state you purchased it in.

And they are wrong. If you purchase any vehicle used or new you then own that vehicle and you cannot return it 3 minutes later let alone 3 days later. The cooling off period or buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of any vehicle. That is nothing more than a myth that just keeps going and will not die. Look at it this way. The instant you buy a new car, pay for it, and it is titled, it is no longer a new car. It becomes a used car, and is worth much less than it was the instant you bought it. Same applies to a used car. It goes from a 1 owner or 2 owner to a 3 owner and the value goes down. You went to the lot of your own free will. You made the decision to purchase the vehicle of your own free will. And now you own that vehicle and no dealer is going to take it back. But if it is a used car, you can ask nicely and you might be in luck and the dealer will take it back and sell you another car. Does not hurt to ask.