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Can you return a car to Drive Time?

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They say that you have 3 calendar days to return the vehicle as long as you haven't driven more than 250 miles.... and the car is in the original state you purchased it in.

And they are wrong. If you purchase any vehicle used or new you then own that vehicle and you cannot return it 3 minutes later let alone 3 days later. The cooling off period or buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of any vehicle. That is nothing more than a myth that just keeps going and will not die. Look at it this way. The instant you buy a new car, pay for it, and it is titled, it is no longer a new car. It becomes a used car, and is worth much less than it was the instant you bought it. Same applies to a used car. It goes from a 1 owner or 2 owner to a 3 owner and the value goes down. You went to the lot of your own free will. You made the decision to purchase the vehicle of your own free will. And now you own that vehicle and no dealer is going to take it back. But if it is a used car, you can ask nicely and you might be in luck and the dealer will take it back and sell you another car. Does not hurt to ask.

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Can you return car if did not test drive it?

If you are referring to , buying a car without a test drive then wanting to return it because you don't like it? No.

How long do you have to return a car after you buy it?

You can not return the car once you drive it off the parking lot and sign the papers its yours!

How many people travel by car?

i person can drive a car at a time 1 person can drive a car at a time

What should be happen if I can't return the car on time?

Phone the rental agency. Tell them you need more time, and you will pay whatever they ask. Drive to the rental agency, fill the tank, and drop off the car.

Can you return a car within 3 days of purchase in Oklahoma?

No, once you drive the car off the lot, the car is yours.

If car financing falls though do you have to return the car?

No. Instead, you can drive to Brazil and get it painted a different color.

What services does Purple Parking offer at Gatwick airport?

A chauffeur will meet you outside the terminal and will drive your car to their car park. And once you return from your trip, a chauffeur will return your car to you outside the terminal.

Did June Cleaver drive a car?

Yes, she had a license and did drive from time to time. Ward would leave her the car to run errands.

Is there a period of time in Florida when you can return a new car?

No there is not a period of time in Florida when you can return a new car. A car may be returned if it has a major mechanical defect under the Lemon law.

Can you return a car if you didn't drive it?

The minute that car was driven off the dealer's lot (assuming it was a dealer), the money clock starts ticking - if you decide to return the car "undriven" you are certain to incur some expense if at minimal.

How long does a dealer have to let a person drive a car that hasn't been financed before the person has to return the car?

50000000000 years

In Washington state how long do you have to return a car?

You need to be more specific in your question. Return a car to a dealer, return a leased car, return a borrowed car to a friend, return a rental car?

Why does your car hessitate when you drive it?

Time for a tune-up.

How long do you have to return a used car after purchase?

once you have the title in hand and drive out of the driveway you can not return the car. you should have thought about if you REALLY wanted it before you handed over the money. (your stuck with it and theres nothing you can do)

If the car dealer misleads you car you return a used car?

No, you can not return the car.

Do car dealers need a copy of your license so you can test drive a car?

well,firstly,they must know whether or not you are a legally licensed driver before you drive their car, and if you don't return with the car, it sure would be easier to prosecute you if they know who you are,right?

What is Advantage Car Rental's return time for their auto rentals, before you are charged an extra day?

You are usually charged for 2 days if you return it more than 27-28 hrs after picking the car up and charged for an extra day if you do not return the car by midnight on the date it is due back. The return time for all rentals is determined at the time your rental is picked up. If you do not return your car when it is due they will charge each day as if you were still renting the vehicle. With most rental companies if you don not return the car within a week from its due date they will report the car stolen and you can be prosecuted on grand theft auto charges

What is the legal age to drive a sports car?

you can at the same time as any other car

How old do you have to be to have a car?

You can get a car at any time but you can't drive one until you get your license.

How much time can you drive your car without cleaning it?

untill you had money to maintain car

How long do you have after purchasing a new car to return if the car got technical problems?

You have no time to return a car purchase. You have a warranty on a new car to cover problems. If the problem can not be resolved then some states have a "lemon law".

If you let someone test drive your car is that giving them implied permission to drive your car any time?

Not unless you said "sure, test drive my car any time". It's your car. You always get to say when or if someone drives it. According to the insurance company because they drove it before they have implied permission to drive it again. Does that sound right?

Is there a time line on when you can return a car if you decided you can not afford it?

depends on 'one how have signed the contract' or purchase. if it is allwed per the clause of the contract he may return the car

If you have bought a car from a dealership and it's been two months and they still haven't gave you the title. Can you return the car for your money back?

no you can not return the car for your money back. As soon as you sign and drive off the lot the automobile is legally yours.

How long to return a used car in WI?

There is no buyers remorse law on the purchase of a used car. Once you buy the car and drive It off the lot it is yours and you cannot return it for a refund. The only exception is if the seller commited some sort of fraud.