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Yes, Skype is available on the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Since there is a Skype application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch - and ALL applications from the above can run on the iPad - you can install the Skype app on the iPad. There is a built-in microphone so you can call straight from your iPad!

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Q: Can you run Skype on an iPad?
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Will you be able to run Skype on the iPad without a camera?

Yes, of course, you can run skype on computors without camera so why not? The sound is very good on the ipad when skyping.

Can you get Skype on iPad?


Does Skype work on the iPad?

Yes Skype works on ipads.

Could you connect skype with facebook on a iPad?

No, they are two different apps and cannot be run at the same time.

Is there a Skype App for the iPad?

Yes, there is.

How do you use Skype on iPad?

Download the Skype app from the App Store, call someone, and speak into the iPad's built in microphone.

Is a iPad like a computer?

The iPad is very similar to a computer, but it is also different in many ways. The iPad cannot run the same software as a computer, but there are some applicatiions on the iPad that can do the same thing as computer applications, like Skype and Facebook. Also, the iPad cannot run multiple applications at a time.

Can the iPad be used for Skype video calls?

No. But the Ipad 2- Yes.

Does the iPad have a camera for Skype?

Yes it does. The iPad has 2 cameras... one for facetime and skype in the front, and one on the back for pics and videos.

Can you block people on your iPad on Skype?

Of course

Can you Skype with an iPad 2?

Yes, you can. By going to the App Store you can download for free the Skype app. There is the iPad app or iPhone app. Both usable.

Can an iPad make phone calls?

If the iPad is 3G, it is possible to make phone calls with an app from the app store. If you have Skype Credit and the Skype App, you can make calls with an iPad or iPod Touch.

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