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Can you save a downloaded song on a CD?


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If you have a CD burner, yes


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If the song is already in the MP3 format just copy it from the CD and paste it in the hard drive as it is. If the song is not in the mp3 format first you have to convert it in to MP3 format and save it to the computer. This can be done using a software called ripper which can be downloaded from the internet.

i search this song too ! I downloaded the album of the film and the song is not on the CD... i search this song too ! I downloaded the album of the film and the song is not on the CD...

The song Save You is on the CD All I Ever Wanted. It is the 8th song on the CD. There is no music video for Save You unfortunately.

Go to "listentoyoutube" then copy and paste the link from youtube to the site you want to save. Once you downloaded it to your computer you can transfer the song to your mobile.

It is a save file i began when playing the game o a cd but i recently downloaded it and the save file is still there but it won't appear in my save slots when i open the game. What do I do?

To put music from a USB stick onto a CD, it must first be downloaded to the computer. Then the music files can be burned (downloaded) onto a CD using the CD-ROM.

get the song downloaded,right next to downloaded click burn.oh and before u click burn,put in a blank CD u want the CD in.then click burn.hope this helps! ive done it before.if u still need help email me! anybody can email me if they have any problems about their computer or bearshare.anything! ill try to help yall.

you need speakers, hook them up, then put in a CD and voila, music, or if you downloaded music , click on to the song.

1.Buy a blank CD the songs to windows media player 3.Put in the CD and click on "burn CD" 4.wait until its finished then your done

It is a CD image. ISO is usually downloaded and burned to a CD to create your own install CD

Get access to a computer with internet. Have a blank CD or a jumpdrive. Begin the download of iTunes on the computer there and then once the installer is downloaded click SAVE instead of RUN. Remember where you saved it. Then just SAVE the iTunes installer onto your disk or jumpdrive and transfer to you computer.

The most downloaded song is by the Black Eyed Peas, the song is Just Can't Get Enough. I think it is good.

The lyrics to this song can be found included in the CD version of the album 'Save Me From Myself' of which it is the title track. The lyrics can also be found on karaoke versions of the song.

you put the CD in the computer and plug in the ipod then drag the music icon to the ipod one

Downloaded files typically save into a Download folder on your Nexus 7. You can access your downloaded content with the Downloads app, which is pre-installed in your app drawer.


How you put pictures on downloaded song

The most downloaded song in the history of iTunes is Journey's Don't Stop Believin'.

When you begin to import the CD, it gives you a massive size, but after it's in your library, the file size should be about average in comparison to iTunes.

The CD is called 'Receive the Power'. It was only available in hard copy from the WYD2008 site, but can still be downloaded from Itunes Australia. Wonderful song.

Yes, you can. You would have to transfer it to a computer first, then save it on a CD.

You can download a digital copy of a CD to iTunes as long as you have a content code.

Sorry, you can only get the music from Itunes!

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