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Yes after you enter one go to the bottom of the phone menu.

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Q: Can you save the cheats on nikos phone in gta 4?
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If you save cheats on your phone in gta iv does it reck the game?

no is doesnt ruin your game. but some cheats block soms achievements

How do you save cheats o gta 4?

Just type it in once and go to your cell phone, the last option is cheats, the last cheat should be in there.

How does niko's phone work on gta iv?

You get nikos phone when you start the first mission

How do you save GTA 4 cheats?

You go to your house (there is a picture of your house on the minimap) and when you see your bed, go towards it and press the save button. Easy

Is there any gta iv hummer cell phone cheats?


Why shouldn't I save GTAcheats?

You shouldn't save your cheats for GTA because they can stop you from earning achievements on your 360 account or they can cause you to get messed up somewhere in the GTA game.

How do you complete gta 4 cheat?

To enter cheats, dial the number using Niko's Cell Phone...To access more cheats, open the phone, go to the menu and scroll to cheats :)

How do you enter cheats in GTAiv?

Dude, just google "GTA IV cheats" and enter the phone number into your phone in the game(press "up" twice on the D-pad).

Is GTA 4 cheats the same as GTA gay tony cheats?

the cheats are different

Where are gta xbox cheats?

How do you enter cheats on GTA IV?

you enter phone but klick on the key thing on your controller twice to enter cheats(only on single player)You would enter them into your phone. Once entered, you can then re use them by going down to the Cheats Section of your Phone and selecting the desired Cheat.

How do to delete cheats in gta vice city on ps2?

Most cheats in any of the Grand Theft Auto games can't be turned off. You will have to start a new save.