Can you say my last name?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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My last name. THERE!

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Q: Can you say my last name?
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What is marcia's last name in the outsiders?

It doesnt say her last name.

How do you say my last name is in Chinese?

Wo Xing ... your last name... 我姓...your last name...

What is Wiress last name in the hunger games?

they did not ever say her name

How do you answer to what is your dad's name?

Simply say his first and last name. If you have a dad named "Harold", and your last name is "Johnson", then you say, "My dad's name is Harold Johnson."

Which is correct my last name spells as or my last name spelled as?

The correct way to say that would be my last name is spelled.

Why doesn't zendaya say her last name?

maybe she doesn't say her last name because she doesn't want people to make fun of her name

How do you pronounce Schuyler Schulte?

sky-ler is how you say her first name sh-o-lta is how you say her last name. Her last name is German.

How do you say nice last name in french?

Nice last name is: joli prénom

What song starts with say my name like it's the last time?

say my name by rhianna

Do they say the first name first or last in India?

The Indians say their first name first.

How do you say last name in portuguese?


What is Kara S's last name?

Kara's last name is Sweatrulerteiyiu. she can't even say her last name, so abreviates it all the time.