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The Odyssey

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What did Penelope take from the wooers

How did Odysseus kill Antinous

What did the soothsayer theoclymenos say concerning the fate of the wooers

How long after he had been gone did Odysseus return to Ithaca

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The Odyssey

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Which scenario is the best example of public health promotion

What character would be the best example of an archetype

What is the function of an antagonist in a story

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The Odyssey

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Who is the father of Odysseus

What did Penelope take from the wooers

Who does the real beggar Irus want to fight in the book Odyessey

How did Odysseus kill Antinous

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Q: Can you say that Odysseus heroism is a product of romance?
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How do you say romance in Greek?

The Greek word for "Romance" is "ειδύλλιο".

How do you say i love romance in spanish?

amo el romance

How does Odysseus manage to say no to Calypso and still not offend her?

Hermes is sent down to Calypso, telling her that the gods wish for her to release Odysseus. Therefore, it is Calypso who allows Odysseus to leave, not Odysseus who 'manages to say no.'

What does Poseidon say to Odysseus?

Poseidon does not talk to Odysseus directly.

Is Breaking Dawn a romance?

Breaking Dawn is a Action, Fantasy, and Romance. So you can say that it is a romance.

What do the suitors say to Odysseus to convince him not to kill them?

The suitors did not convince Odysseus to let them live. Odysseus locked them all in a room and killed them

What do others say about Odysseus?

Most people thought Odysseus had died coming back from Troy, until he appeared in Ithaca before the suitors. They say Odysseus is wily, and a godlike warrior.

Which song is better Poker Face or bad Romance?

I would probably have to say Bad Romance.

How do you say romance in Japanese?

its the same

How do you say romance in Swedish?


What are romance langugaes?

romance languages are languages in which things you say to a person that are romantic like 'i love you' and 'kiss me' are pretty sounding

Does the word Romance come from Rome?

Most likely it is because the Word Romance has Rome in it. Also people say the city of Rome is the city of Romance. So that is why most likely the word romance comes from Rome. Hope this will be suiting for you. ;)

What channel does My Chemical Romance come out?

if your talking about what television channel they come on i would say FUSE. they have "Loaded": My Chemical Romance & "The My Chemical Romance Chronicles" sometimes

What can you say about teenage romance?

very romantic....

Who was Theoclymenus and what did he have to say about Odysseus?

Need to do better

What did king nestor have to say about odysseus?


Is latin a romance language?

Latin is the langauge from whence all Romance languages derive (Romance meaning of Rome). Latin, however, is an Italic language, as are all Romance languages. Latin does not derive from Latin, hence it is not Romance. In other words, i think he is trying to say ''no.'' : )

What can you say about the love of Penelope to Odysseus?

penelope was very loyal to odysseus as most traditional housewives are in almost every way. she kept the house for odysseus and gave him a home to return to.

Why does Odysseus say they sacked the city of Kikones?

Right after they left Troy, Odysseus and his crew raided the capital of the Kikones tribe

How do you say bad romance live in french?


How do you say miracle romance in Japanese?

Kiseki no romansu

How do you say true romance in french?

Vrai idylle

What is genre of the movie enchanted?

I would say romance.

Where does the beggar say Odysseus is?

Odysseus disguised as the beggar tells Penelope that Odysseus was with the Thesprotians gathering treasure, but that he has gone to Dodona to determine's Zeus' high mind. Odysseus says that Odysseus has lost all his crew on the Thrinacian island, but has himself survived and will be coming back to Ithaca soon.

What does Odysseus say to taunt the Cyclops?

Odysseus tells Polyphemus that his misfortune is a punishment from the gods for being a bad host, and not treating travelers properly. Odysseus says that he is Odysseus, not "Nobody" and he has successfully tricked and blinded Polyphemus (the cyclops). Polyphemus shouts out to his father Poseidon to punish Odysseus. Thus Odysseus' long journey.

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