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Q: Can you say that URL and semantic web sites are same?
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How do you say girl is growing up in Spanish?

Translation: La chica se crece. It does not have the same semantic flair as the English does.

How do you make a link with a pic for piczo?

Any image link is done the same way. You need the part of the code that contains the url, the part that contains the image and the part [optional] that contains the words that show up when you hover over the image. < a href= " url"> is the first part of the code. The next part is < img src= " image url"> That is the image url. If you want words to show under the mouse when you hover you add alt=" whatever you want to say"> after < img src=" image url"> So the finished code will be < a href=" url">< img src=" image url" alt=" whatever you want to say">

How do you check your URL on myspace?

on your profile when you look at it, it should say your URL should be right undernneath the picture. :]

How do you get a URL for an HTML?

Well here is a very simple way to get an URLjust type this code:Whatever you want your URL link to say here!and done! got yourself a URL to a webpage!

How do you create a Tumblr account?

The URL they are asking for is something like your username. Say you wanted your URL to be brittneypugh Then your Tumble URL would be It's just creating a username.

How do you say sites in french?

sites in french is "les sites"

What do you do if you can't pick a URL on Tumblr?

well think, be creative. not every url option is taken. ask around and see what other people say:)

Does every website have a corresponding numerical address?

Yes, although many web sites may share the same numerical address. The underlying addressing scheme of the Internet is the IP address, a number made up of four octets (an octet is 8 binary digits, frequently referred to as a byte). The Domain Name Service translates between the web site address you enter in the browser(URL -, say) and the IP address of the computer that hosts it. Potentially, many URLs can use the same numerical address. The target computer can examine the URL you typed in to identify the correct web site among many it may be hosting. Thus, many sites can live at one address.

Why Ultrasurf say the requested URL is not supported?

They do not allow porn for legal reasons :(

Why might digg say a URL is invalid?

I don't know why, per se. However, I know with sites, if you add /index.html to the end of it, it'll let you digg it. Some domains don't work right for some unknown reason. I hope they fix this.

What is better WikiAnswers or

Although WikiAnswers and used to be different sites, now they are part of the same site. is the overall brand for two main sites and some other minor ones. The main sites that comprise are WikiAnswers and ReferenceAnswers... so you can't really say which one is better since they are part of the same thing, and owned by the same company.

Are online gaming sites rigged?

i'd like to say, no. But.. the online gaming isn't just the same any more=(. MOST gaming sites aren't 'rigged', but some may contain harmful viruses.